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5 Exciting Facts About Gin You May Not Know About

by Altaf Shaikh
5 Exciting Facts About Gin You May Not Know About

Alcohol is the most common drink you will find in parties and other social gatherings. The main job of alcohol is to start a conversation with a random stranger. While both of you have a drink on each hand, you will start learning about each other and find out that you both have the same interests. Many have even made fun, long-lasting memories with their friends and families through alcohol.

5 Exciting Facts About Gin You May Not Know About

Do you plan on starting a conversation with other people but do not know what to talk about? Instead of rambling about other things, try focusing on your gin. Like with other alcohol, the gin also has its fair share of awesome facts, and some may even come as a shock to many. After buying your gin at the Gin Distillery, make sure to keep reading to learn numerous facts about gin!

Fact #1: The First Inventor of Gin

Like with many great things, everyone should know where everything first started, and the same goes for gin. One cool fact about gin, also known as genever, is that Franciscus Sylvius, a Dutch physician, invented it. What most do not know was that Sylvius used gin to cure stomach and kidney diseases. And the main ingredient he used to create gin was from juniper berry oil, which was medicine-distilled.

Fact #2: Gin Was Designed to Be Mixed with Other Ingredients

You can find most people ordering gin and tonic from bars for a reason. That is due to gin’s piney and biting taste that only a handful of people can take. But for those who still want to drink gin, they would usually do it by mixing several ingredients such as ice to lessen the kick, and lime wedges if you want to make your drink aesthetically pleasing. But if you want to hide the bitterness better, you should mix in tonic water.

Fact #3: The First People to Drink Gin and Tonic Were Indians

Indians were the first to drink gin and tonic because of Brits moving to India after the 1857 Sepoy Rebellion. During the British soldiers’ occupation, Indians discovered that they were mixing gin, sugar, water, and lime into their quinine to cure malaria and mask its unpleasant taste. That was also the first instance when people discovered the gin and tonic combo.

Fact #4: Gin Cured People’s Hangovers in 1928

Before 1928, people from New York who had hangovers after drinking loads of alcohol had no choice but to endure their hangovers the next day. Most people drank alcohol during those times, so people needed to find a way to cure their hangovers. Fortunately, they discovered that mixing gin and tomato juice could cure hangovers faster!

Fact #5: Gin Celebration

If you love drinking gin, you should know that there is a day dedicated to gin. World Gin Day began in Birmingham by a man named Neil Houston. He started the celebration because he simply wanted to drink gin with his friends. Along with his friends, he moved the event to Graphic Bar in Soho, London in 2010. Three years later, Neil’s friend, Emma, took over the World Gin Day and at least 200 million social media users attended the event on the second Saturday of June.

Make sure to buy your gin at a trust Gin Distillery if you want everyone in your event to know what authentic gin tastes like! And whenever you plan to start a conversation with someone, make sure to share with them about the several facts about gin because it will catch their attention.

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