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Baby Wrap: Why Should You Consider Buying One?

by Altaf Shaikh
Why Should You Consider Buying One1

If you’re a baby parent, or soon to be, you’re probably looking for the most comfortable way to swaddle your newborn. Weighing in the Australian climate, a lightweight baby wrap is ideal for you and your baby.

Baby Wrap: Why Should You Consider Buying One?

A survey of babywearing in Australia shows that 70% are currently using carriers and 91% plan to use one if they have a baby. Babywearing is very meaningful to mothers and parents, read below to find out why.

Ingrained in Humanity

For centuries, babywearing has been widely practised in cultures around the world. There are the rebozos or wrap-around shawls of Mesoamerican traditions and the capulanas of East Africa ties around the shoulder to support the weight of the baby. Southeast Asian women used Hmong wraps when working in the fields. Australian aboriginal mothers carry their baby during dance ceremonies.

In the 1970s, carriers began a gradual comeback in the parenting culture. And by the 20th century, babywearing went mainstream. Over the years, the habit involved various ways of wrapping, tying, and securing a baby to the body. It’s fair to say that babywearing is an intuitive approach of generations of mothers worldwide.

Beneficial to You and Your Baby

Research shows that babies who are held frequently are more content than those who are carried less often. Having close physical contact with a parent benefits babies with more regulated breathing. It also decreases their stress hormones resulting in a more relaxed feeling. The baby’s vestibular system is stimulated when carried, which enhances motor skills.

Carrying also stimulates their brain development and thus, expands their learning potential. They usually fall asleep quickly and sleep deeper in the warmth of being carried. Their most important needs, warmth and the mother’s breast milk, are within easy access. Thus, it fosters a safe and secure sense of self.

There is anecdotal evidence that babywearing benefits mothers too. The feeling of increased bonding is presumed to relieve postpartum depression. Babywearing heightens the mother’s comprehension of her baby’s needs, leading to less frustration over early baby rearing.

Babywearing keeps the baby close but also allows hand movement so that you can do other tasks.

Choosing the best wrap

It’s common to deeply research infant care products, and a baby carrier is certainly no exception.

A lot of parenting communities share research and experience in the area of babywearing. Wraps have gained more popularity since it’s swaddle design is closest to the feel of the womb. Also, it adjusts to different body types so both parent and the baby can be comfortable wearing it.

Choose a wrap that positions the baby’s legs in a hip-healthy “M” way. Legs should spread wide, and knees bent slightly above the waist. This position will avoid hip dysplasia in your baby.

To carry your baby, make sure the carrier supports your back and shoulders. Wraps tied around the neck, or those with additional ties around the waist, provide the most support for your body.

A lightweight baby wrap is ideal, especially for warmer weather. Cotton can be breathable and cool. Since your body heat may also raise your baby’s temperature, too heavy fabrics may cause overheating.

Buying a wrap is more emotional than choosing out other baby accessories. In choosing the best wrap, remember that comfort for you and your baby is what matters most.

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