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Boost Your Brand Image Widely With Vehicle Magnets

by Purva Jagtap
Boost Your Brand Image Widely With Vehicle Magnets

You want many people to know about your small company and the services or products it offers. To achieve this objective, you can choose from a wide range of advertising channels to generate brand awareness. These include flyers, brochures, newspaper ads, radio, television, outdoor billboards, and the Internet. However, you want to use one which is within your budget and has maximum coverage. Opting for a custom-made vehicle magnet with reflective colors will spread your business message widely, and this post will show you how.

What are vehicle magnets?

Vehicle magnets are promotional tools displaying your business logo on the side doors or back of your company’s van or truck. This form of advertisement is an ideal way for you to promote your small business to a large customer base. A vehicle magnet serves as a mobile billboard whenever you are on the road to meet potential clients. The exposure can generate a lot of interest among people about your business without incurring substantial marketing costs.

The vehicle magnet generally is a flat magnetic metal sheet with a smooth surface. You can easily attach it to the side doors or rear end of your company’s vehicle. However, you should clear the magnet’s surface and read the instructions before installing it. 

Information on a vehicle magnet

A vehicle magnet advertises your company to a wide audience in the same manner as your business card. In addition, it briefly explains to the people in your locality what your business is about. You can even use 3D reflective artwork on the vehicle magnet that should contain the following information:

  • The name of your company,
  • Your business logo,
  • The services your company provides,
  • Your business’ brand slogan, and
  • The contact information like your business address and phone number.

The graphics on the vehicles normally laminates in dim light make it visible to most people.


Installing a vehicle magnet on your company’s car, van or truck offers you a cost-effective way to promote your business. Potential customers will see your business logo whenever you drive the vehicle on the road. In addition, if they require your services, they will know how to contact you. The key advantages of using a vehicle magnet to advertise your business are as follows:

  • Strengthens the trust customers have in the professionalism of your company,
  • The magnetic magnets are versatile enough to fit on any car, van, or sport utility vehicle (SUV),
  • The magnet is easily removable and does not damage the vehicle’s paintwork, unlike vinyl wraps, and
  • The vehicle magnet can be custom-made to suits your needs and does not need any maintenance.

Vehicle magnets enable you to attract many customers to your business without making a huge investment. However, you should be careful when selecting the right one. The size of the template that the company provides should ideally fit the side doors or rear of your company’s vehicle. The fonts should showcase your business logo, and its contact information should be visible to your customers in all weather conditions. Above all, the color combination of the magnet should have a positive effect on your customers to invoke a positive response. 

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