Top 10 Most Profitable Business Ideas?


Looking for profitable business ideas? Here we’re talking about the most profitable business ideas that you could be starting up in 2020. I know you will like the ideas that I’m going to share right here. So make sure you read the entire article to understand the type of business ideas I’m talking about.

What Are These Profitable Business Ideas?

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Now, let me just preface this article with some of these businesses that are really cool. Where you know you would be doing something one-on-one, providing some type of one-on-one help for somebody.

Or like a bigger picture agency type business, where a lot of moving parts, you might need to hire employees. So there’s a little bit of everything. So, here is the list of the most profitable business ideas.

List hereProfitable Business Ideas

  • DronePilot
  • Charging Electric Scooters
  • YouTube
  • Meal Prepping
  • Sales Funnels
  • ChatBot
  • Co-Working Space
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting


So you may be thinking that how can you make money with a drone right? Drone footages being paid more and more for getting because it increases the visibility of businesses that need different video marketing and advertisements tools for their commercials or their paid ads that they’re running to their businesses.

So definitely look into that business, its lower upfront cost, I know it’s not free, but you will obviously need to buy a drone and invest in getting your license and certificate.

But after that, it is a pretty low startup cost that could be a big profitable business after you get those things achieved.

2.Charging Electric Scooters

Another profitable business that we’re talking about here is charging electric scooters.

And so even though it’s only a couple of bucks, I think depending on the company you can earn between five to ten dollars a scooter charging but if you’re collecting all of these scooters you could make several hundred dollars, even a thousand dollars in a night.

Obviously, these scooters belong to a bigger company but it is definitely a way more of a side business. If you can do this and collect as many scooters as you can a few times a month or maybe a few times a week. You can definitely expect a big paycheck after you do so.


Alright, so the third business we’re talking about here today is with YouTube. So whether you are a YouTube creator or on the other side of YouTube, and helping out YouTube channels. Both ways YouTube is a great side business opportunity with little to no investment.

Becoming a Youtube personality is easy nowadays; literally all you need is a smartphone to start your YouTube channel and to start giving value on this platform.

If you have a smartphone and you have the capacity to post four times a month, that is something that is definitely incorporate-able, then you could start a YouTube and monetize it with affiliate, ads, or both.

4.Meal Prepping

Meal and healthy fast food Prepping is another profitable business that you can start. So, why is this so important? Because there is a huge demand for meal prepping companies in smaller cities.

So definitely consider it. If fitness and nutrition and, obviously, cooking and getting a team together, that will help prepare the meals is something that interests you because it is something that is in very, very high demand.

5.Sales Funnels

The next profitable business that you can do in 2020 is to build sales funnels or to become a sales funnel building agency, or even a solopreneur. However, you want to do it.

And so the idea is that you would prepare or build out sales funnels for different people, which is always going to be in demand. Sales funnels can capture leads and that’s so we can make money in our online businesses for selling digital products, physical products, whatever it is.


Most business owners, solopreneurs, influencers, need chatbots to grow their business and handle repeated queries. You can set up a messenger flow, I think it is, for them and learn how to do messenger marketing and setup chatbots within their Facebook fan pages.

And so you would learn a system called Manychat, which is actually free to get started, but for the creator, I think if they want to do the paid version of Manychat.

You have to set up messenger bots, like funnels for them, it’s called flow, and so if somebody opts into their messenger sequence then it takes them through a different series of automated things.

7.Co-Working Space

So this is something I would actually love to do, so you would create a co-working space, which is a business model that is going to be in very high demand forever, for a long period of time.

This is because more and more people are starting to work from home. You can make a coffee shop design or Starbucks or whatever. But make sure it is really amazing co-working space where people could come together and work silently.

This is a great business idea that is going to be in very high demand, is to start a co-working space.

8.Bookkeeping and Accounting

The most profitable businesses in 2020 are bookkeeping and accounting. So, bookkeeping it’s something that all business owners and solopreneurs, need. Even non-business owners required bookkeeping.

But if you start a bookkeeping company with a specific niche, that would be super helpful. Because you’re going to attract more clients and customers.

If you acquire a lot of clients and you can outsource a lot of tasks by hiring people. It could be a very profitable business to do bookkeeping for entrepreneurs who have online businesses.


Alright, so that was the list of most profitable business ideas that you can easily start. If you are still not convened with the ideas then don’t worry. Soon I will be publishing more business ideas that you can go through and decide yourself.

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