Why Afriex is the Best Money Transfer App in Nigeria
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Why Afriex is the Best Money Transfer App in Nigeria

Mobile money transfer apps have transformed the way we take on daily financial operations. The transfer process has become easier and more straightforward thanks to using a money transfer app. Long gone are the days when we had to be physically at the bank to deposit, withdraw, or send money. In Nigeria, there are already many startup and veteran money transfer app. This makes it even harder for customers to make a choice. But we can tell you comfortably that the best money transfer app in Nigeria is Afriex.

We are not just barely mentioning Afriex as the best money transfer app in Nigeria without facts. Here are some of the reasons why it is top, not only in Nigeria, but across the continent:


Afriex is very secure to use. It doesn’t compromise on its users’ security by no means. Often, the security of an app determines the usability. If an app can’t assure you the basic level of security, then it can’t be the best option for you.

To ensure the security of its users, Afriex uses a number of features including biometrics, OTPs, and multiple-factor authentication systems. This way, even in the event that someone gains access to your phone, they can’t get to your account easily.

Sending money on Afriex is also very secure, as they counteract cybercriminals online using the latest technologies. You can rest assured that your funds will be safe in your online wallet at all times.

Digital Payments Using the Best Money Transfer App in Nigeria

The beauty of Afriex is that you can make payments digitally from anywhere in the world. Whereas the use of cash money is still present in Nigeria and other African countries, more and more are gaining interest in digital payments. The convenience of not having to carry money around is unmatched when using a digital payment gateway.

Most merchants these days even encourage their users to utilize digital payments as opposed to paying with cash. Some even have a rule of no cash payments. In this century, bill payments have to be easy and straightforward. And that is what Afriex money transfer app in Nigeria is delivering.

Speed of Transfer

How fast is your money transfer method? Speed has become more important these days since time is money. People want a fast and effective way to send money across borders. Gone are the days when you’d have to wait several days or even weeks before your transaction is complete. Today, sending and receiving money is instantaneous. It takes just a few minutes and your transaction is complete.

Afriex is a pretty fast option to send and receive money. You can practically have instant money transfers using this app. And this makes it qualify as the best money transfer app in Nigeria.

Customer Service

What’s more frustrating than a poor customer service? If there’s anything more annoying than having to wait ages just to get a response for a question or problem you have, we’re waiting to hear it.

In terms of the customer service, Afriex is fully competent. With its team of customer service reps, you will get a response right away for any query that you have. On their website, you can even shoot them an instant message using their live chat feature. Alternatively, you can reach out to them via a phone call or email. Whatever method you’d want to communicate with this money transfer app, they are available to serve you.

One thing we even noted is that their response times is quite commendable. They answer back within minutes, sometimes seconds.

Intuitive User Interface

Who would want a money transfer app with a complicated user interface? All you want is ease and flexibility, and that is what the best money transfer app in Nigeria delivers. The user interface, therefore, needs to be easy and simple to navigate – just like Afriex.

Many money transfer apps often make it quite difficult for users to navigate through the application. Poor navigational directions are often the reason for this anomaly. This mostly makes the client to give up on the app and seek other alternatives.

Afriex has smart shortcuts and buttons that make it simpler to use the app. That is why we rank it highly – even based on the user interface.


Technology has made it easier for apps to personalize user experiences. It even makes the customer feel more confident with the application. Personalization is specifically even more important for the youth segment of the market.

Some of the personalization features that Afriex uses include in-app virtual assistants, insights based on cash flow, and reports based on spending habits.

Final Thoughts

So, as you have seen, Afriex is a right fit for the best money transfer app in Nigeria. It has all of these amazing features and more that make it easier for the customer to use the app.