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Windows 11 – First Look and Walkthrough Using VirtualBox

by Krutika Lohakare
Windows 11 - First Look and Walkthrough Using VirtualBox

In this post, we will examine another framework, which hasn’t been delivered at this point. What’s more, that is a duplicate, which I found on the most profound haziest pieces of the web of Windows 11. Presently, this isn’t care for, you know, an intensely adjusted Be of Windows 10 or anything. This is a real spilled duplicate of Windows 11, form, 20 1996, and in this post we will be giving it somewhat of an install and virtualbox in light of the fact that why not? 

Also, I mean it’s simply going to involve time until the image is gassed from the web. So you know, simply give individuals a decent look of all that there is to see. So we should begin. So here I have a duplicate of a virtual box which I downloaded like 15 minutes prior. I ordinarily don’t do this virtualization stuff any longer. 

I ordinarily don't do this virtualization stuff any longer.

 I was originally going to write  this post where I copy it to a thumb drive and actually, you know, did it on physical Hardware, but time is of the essence when it comes to this, I believe. So there’s the iso, which it’s very interesting. The iso actually, because if it’s actually mounted has the same disc label as a copy of Windows 10. 

So I was a little bit skeptical at first, if it was even. It was just Windows 10, is that label? It’s one is eleven, but as we start it, we might notice it’s not Windows 10 at all. Because we have a look. 

This is the new windows 11 boot logo, which since this is booting off of an nvme Drive, shouldn’t take that long. It’s just stunning to me. They kept the old installer. Yeah, look, it’s kind of boring. It’s a missile that has been used since.  You may notice the This pc can’t run Windows 11“ error while installing windows 11. 

Oh, look at that logo though. Yeah, I guess they’re going entirely flat this time. So. Oh well, this is beta beta beta software, so kind of makes sense. It would switch like that. I don’t have a product key.

I don't have a product key.

Windows 11 home. So we’re going to go with the windows 11pro. It’s ridiculous. I never thought I would see this. All right, I thought Windows 10 was going to be the last version of Windows out there that was going to update it with bills, which we’ve been doing for the past. How long has it been since 2014? 

Oh seven years goodness, okay. So yeah, there’s like Windows Pro for Windows 11 / / workstations when it’s looking Pro. 1 is 11. Pro is what most people end up using. So let’s go with that. Last updated. June, 2021. Yes, I accept that. Okay, so custom install, there is yeah, one drive with nothing on it so it’s going to go with that. And now it’s going to copy. So this is nvme to nvme, so it shouldn’t take that long. 

Going to be limited basically just by processing power. So if we come over here, yeah, pretty much over running running very slim on the ram. All right.

So wow, I wonder if guest additions will work. Yeah, we’re going to try a lot of stuff with this because this does appear to be Windows 11. So wow. I’m trying not to be since I’m holding a lot back here actually.

So yeah, I’m just going to skip this part over because it appears to just be the normal Windows installer that’s been in use since 7:00. So I’ll be right back after it reboots.

And here we go. It’s going. It’s going. It’s going. Oh, and reboot it again, all right. I don’t know if I still even need the DVD in the drive. Anytime I would install Windows 10, physically, that’s how I would do it. Just leave it in the drive. I don’t know if it even has access. Is it? I’ll look at that. We’re getting network activity as well.

Whoa, was that a startup sound? I mean, it was heavily aliased, but wow. Okay, so United States, okay, this is entirely different going for a very, very interesting fluent design. Look at this, you know, I really don’t mind this. What is your keyboard layout for us? Like I only have one keyboard.

Checking for updates. Whoa, what are you going to find out about their updates? Is the update server even running, like might have to disconnect this to the internet, because it’s like whoa, what? We’re not supposed to be running them. What’s going on here? Set up for personal use, I’m a person. 

Therefore it is for personal use. Can I skip it? Is this going to be an offline account? Wow. Do you really need additional options to do that? I was really worried there for a second was going to be like the first internet-connected operating system. So sign in to enjoy the full range of Microsoft apps and services. So we’re going to have limited experience because I don’t want my Outlook account tied to this thing.

I don't want my Outlook account tied to this thing.

“Snoopie”. Nice. Next, Security question. What was my first pet’s name? What’s the first thing that comes to mind, Herbert? I don’t know why they come to mind, but I was my childhood nickname.

What is the name of your oldest cousin? I don’t know. It’s a city. I was born. This is the name of it.That’s not how you spell it.

Oh, these are lovely. So, yeah, you can have this might need the diagnostic information. This thing needs polishing you know, I’m wondering how these animations are going to work out just because of the fact that by this point, you might not have Graphics drivers yet, and it might actually look just like that when you’re installing it onto a computer for the first time because it’s using Microsoft basic display adapter drivers, who


oh, I like that. Yeah. Huh. Is that the new primary Windows color? That’s another thing I want to see. I just hit my tail with my hand. That’s another thing going to see what is the new default background. I knew Windows 10 2004 had two new windows backgrounds, where it was all flat.

I am a big fan of the initial Windows 10 background on that one was nice, but Well, I guess there’s only one way to see. Assuming it has a different background and it really thinks that this was finished. But so far I’m surprised it hasn’t. It doesn’t really feel like beta software or unreleased software except for the part where they botched the windows logo and the initial installer. 

So it reverted to the old one. But you know we’re going to see because this is it, this is Windows 11. I never thought I would say that I thought Windows 10 was going to be at and I feel like everybody else was into that impression like a week ago. Wow. Here we are. This is it. What is this? 

Whatwas that? So that’s the new default background. That’s either a flower or ice cream. It looks like ice cream to me but wow, look at that. So let’s get guest additions installed. So now we’re in full screen mode, it’s not full resolution which is all right, so this is, this is very similar to Windows 10. Turn the mic off. 

They are probably going to edit the display resolution so it is 1080p, but So far, it does seem better with guest additions installed but I wouldn’t be surprised if guest additions just weren’t compatible. Mouse pointer integration is working though. 

Mouse pointer integration is working though.

So that’s pretty similar to Windows 10. Oh, oh wait oh here we go. Here we go. Ah, Haha. Yes, this is Windows 11. We’ve got, of course, all of our old friends, you’ve got Task View. Goodness this is slow. Oh okay so you have to click on it to close. 

It could have sworn it was enough just to click somewhere else. Before, so let’s turn that off. And what should we look at? First confirm that this is running on Windows 11.

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