5 Common Smartphone Problems and How to Fix Them

If there’s something wrong with your smartphone, it can be quite frustrating. From fast battery drainage to overheating, these issues have simple fixes!

A smartphone is almost a necessity in this era. Over the past years, numerous companies have made thee in a wide range of prices so that they are accessible to most people. This is why almost everyone you know uses a smartphone for many aspects of their lives, such as communication, entertainment, shopping, and education. However, like with every device, smartphones also face issues at times. They can malfunction, slow down, or overheat, leading to you getting frustrated. Instead, you should look for the best solutions to the problem at hand. 

You’ll be glad to know that most smartphone issues are quite common and have pretty simple fixes. You can do many of these yourself, and will only need to consult a professional in dire cases. Just make sure you have an internet connection you can use to look up and execute solutions. You can find one by checking out Spectrum deals and other packages offered by providers in your area.  

Fast Battery Drainage

You’ll often find that your battery is draining way too quickly. This will lead to you rushing about to find a charging outlet or having to resort to carrying around a power bank. Battery issues can occur due to a variety of reasons. Sometimes, your phone is running apps in the background which take a lot of energy. Furthermore, you might have multiple devices pairing and unpairing with you Bluetooth, depending on your proximity. 

The good news is that these issues are quite easy to resolve. Just make sure you clear background apps and prevent them from starting and updating through your phone’s settings. In addition, when you’re at home, switch off your phone’s 4G connection, as that takes up battery life as well. The same goes when you’re out and about and not using Wi-Fi. Then, switch off the Wi-Fi on your smartphone. Additionally, when you are not using any Bluetooth device, switch that off as well. This will conserve a considerable amount of battery life.

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Bad Signal Reception

Sometimes, your phone will suddenly stop receiving and making calls, and your mobile connection will seem like it’s stopped working. These signal reception issues are quite frustrating, as they hinder quite a bit of your communication. 

However, they often have simple solutions. The first thing you need to do is do a simple reboot of your phone. That should usually solve the issue, but if it doesn’t, make sure the problem is not external. Even in today’s well-connected world, there are dead spots and places with weak signals, depending on the towers your service provider puts up. Simply moving a few feet away might solve the issue. However, if that doesn’t work, call your provider and report the problem. In addition, make sure your phone is updated, as outdated operating systems often have connectivity issues.  

Low Storage Space

This is arguably the most common and annoying problem with smartphones. You’ll often see an alert telling you you’re running out on storage space. If you find yourself wondering how that’s possible, then there might be an issue. After all, if you don’t have many games or pictures/videos, you might be confused why your space runs out so quickly.  

If that’s the case, go into your phone’s settings and delete the cache. Your phone will often automatically save multiple files, sometimes in multiple folders. In addition, make sure that any apps you’re not using anymore have been completely deleted. Often, their files keep cluttering up your system, taking up storage space. Additionally, regularly clear your cache, close background apps and use the ‘Clean’ button on your smartphones to free up space. Using a micro-SD card can also help conserve your phone’s own space. 

Malfunctioning Charging Port

If your phone doesn’t charge even when you leave it on charging for ages, then there might be a problem with your charging port. As with all machines, smartphone components also tend to malfunction due to certain reasons. 

Often, all you’ll need is a new charging cable. If that doesn’t work, then maybe your charging port has some dust particles or the like stuck in it. Then, you need to get it cleaned with specialty equipment. To avoid repeating this issue, use a phone case which has a charging port lid as well. 

Device Overheating

This happens when your phone cannot deal with all the processing going on in it. Then, it will go into overdrive and tend to heat up quickly. This is not a safe situation, and will decrease its battery life and its life in general. 

To prevent this, you need to clear your cache, shut down background apps and declutter your phone often. 

In conclusion, most smartphone issues are pretty common and easy to solve. Therefore, you should not panic, and figure out what you need to do. 

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