5 Smart Studying Tips For Students

Even after hard work, many students are not able to perform well in academics. This means you are following some wrong learning techniques which are not efficient enough to make you achieve academic success. Not all the hard work and learning for long hours continuously work. Students follow this monotonous practice of memorizing the lessons continuously which is not that beneficial. 

Effective and smart learning is important. Smart learning means learning better, retaining the information for a longer period, and accomplishing educational goals and objectives at a faster rate. Let us read some effective tips which students can use for smart studies. 

How to study smart: tips for learners 

  • Do not limit yourself to textbooks 

Throughout the education years, many students limit their studies to textbooks and guides. Only reading and learning the textbooks won’t provide the best learning experience for you. For smart and effective studies students can use more learning resources as well. For example with the growing technology, ebooks are available on the internet. Students must refer to them to explore more and broaden their knowledge. 

Also instead of simply memorizing the lessons of physics, chemistry, maths, biology, etc, students can go for the practical experience too. Perform experiments in labs, connect to nature and surroundings to understand the lessons better. This will help to memorize quickly later. Teachers using ERP systems can also use more teaching resources. 

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  1. Listen in the classes 

Many times, students ignore listening in the classrooms. They feel that they are intelligent enough to study the lessons alone later and therefore stay distracted when teachers are teaching. And this leads to a waste of time because if they would have listened to the lessons in the class, they could have revised and done other practices in the self-study time.

 And when they are not able to understand the chapters, their learning is affected. Therefore students must listen actively in the classrooms. Most of the understanding will be completed in the classes only this way. And revisions, practice at home will help students to develop a better command of the academic subjects. 

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  1. Give breaks to your brain 

Our mind is not a machine and hence needs time to relax and store the information which you just memorized. Many students have a habit of continuously learning for longer hours. They feel that they have learned well. But the brain fatigue and tiredness caused don’t help in retaining the information for long. 

Therefore students need to take small breaks in between to learn faster, smarter, and better. But yes, don’t take too long breaks. Even a break of ten to fifteen minutes can do good to relax, rebuild focus and re-energize your body to study effectively. Teachers should also manage their classes well by using LMS to give few breaks to students in the class. 

  1. Use technical aids 

Today with the growing technology, the education system has evolved a lot. Now several tools can be used for learning faster, better, and smarter. Many times, students don’t understand well from the textbooks which slows their learning process. To prevent this from happening, students can use audiovisual tools for learning. 

With the help of visualization, our brain understands the lessons better. Students can use effective technical aids such as attractive PowerPoint presentations, modules, picture cards, educational videos, animations, online quizzes, and riddles. With these learning aids, students understand better and can retain information for longer. This is what smart study means.

  1. Read, write, and recite 

Reading the lessons in depth helps you to understand better. Also, you get to know every single detail of the topics. Therefore students do not simply memorize. Before that line-wise reading of the texts are important. Along with reading, students must write and make notes. By jotting down the important points, terms, and definitions, learning becomes more understandable and quick. Also retaining the texts becomes easy. After reading and writing students should start memorizing and reciting what they have written. This three-step process will help students to learn better with more efficiency. 


Smart learning is very important. Only sitting by opening textbooks and notebooks for longer hours is not sufficient for the academic growth of a student. All the above-mentioned tips and techniques can be used by learners to study smartly and effectively. 

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