Best Textsheet Alternative Reddit 2020

Best Textsheet Alternative Reddit 2020 used an API which compared the best answers for a given question and collected it from other.

Textsheets was a free site which was working like a search engine and a best resource for academic solutions. was one of the most frequently used sites by students and teachers for academics related doubts.

Unfortunately, the textsheets site got shut down due to a DMCA alert from Chegg. As there will be a new beginning after every end, many textsheet alternates came up with similar features and services. Here are some of the textsheets alternatives and its features.

Best Textsheet Alternative Reddit 2020 used an API which compared the best answers for a given question and collected it from other resources. It was a free site providing effective solutions to users when there were many paid sites for the same purpose. The popularity and usage of textsheets increased exponentially in short term but after a short span reality behind the site showed up.

  • An American company called Chegg filed a DMCA copyrights issue against claiming that most of the textbook solutions are being copied from its site.
  • After this, American government banned the platform for violating copyrights.
  • As browsing has become a solution for every minute problem of human life, today’s academics are also dependent on internet-based solutions.
  • There are many paid and free sites for students which are like Here are some low cost and high quality textsheet alternative sites.


List below Best Textsheet Alternative Reddit 2020






6.Course Hero






  1. Skoolie is the best alternative for which inherited all its amazing features. The choice of studying from Skoolie can boost your knowledge of the subject and it’s highly suggested to refer to Skoolie at exam times to score more.
  2. Skoolie has an easy to use interface for students. Unlike schools one can have freedom to learn from a selected tutor as there are multiple teachers all allocated for every single subject.
  3. Along with video lectures written notes are provided for the respective subjects.
  4. All you need to do is enroll for Skoolie by selecting your school or college education. Once you become a member of Skoolie it can help you with your daily homework solution, School assessments and projects.
  5. Here you can learn whatever you subscribed to, you may never see any issues with login or course access till the end of the current course.



  1. Quizlet is another alternate source of textsheet content. The name itself indicates that it’s a quiz bank for all kinds of learners.
  2. Quizzes here also come up with effective solutions and full explanation of related topics.
  3. One can test their knowledge here by giving multiple tests which can increase their confidence levels. The quizzes collection is prepared by experts’ community along with revision notes for all subjects.
  4. Quizlet is the best platform where learning becomes fun and interesting with some subject related games. Here there is another possibility of preparing your own quizzes and customizing it.
  5. This platform is meant for students and teachers as well, so its interface is designed in such a way that it comes handy for everyone.
  6. Some options like search for interested topics and sorting out required quizzes makes it a perfect education platform.
  7. If you would like to learn any topic, first go through the notes provided carefully and then click on the “test” button to check your ability.


  1. Slader is a similar site like in terms of services provided. It is a free site whose main purpose is to provide textbook solutions for student’s homework. The solutions provided are collected from the expert community.
  2. Some answers may look different but there is a possibility of picking the best out of it always. The site also provides some exam notes and conducts related quizzes to test your knowledge.
  3. Slader is a completely free resource for school students but it charges a little price for college students. One can choose their education details to avail related content while registering.
  4. Out of its all best features and services, Slader is the most visited alternative of and highly rated one.



  1. CrazyForStudy has a huge collection of solutions to over millions of textbook questions. Detailed explanation that can be easily understood by any student or teacher is the key feature here.
  2. You can get immediate solutions for raised questions from its expert database and 24/7 helpline services for any kind of concerns.
  3. But this is available as a paid subscription to everyone across the world. One can get content related to any related streams like Engineering, sociology, Economics and many others.
  4. After every topic you can have a chance to clear your doubts from expert faculty who are PhD’s. You can get 100plagarism free and unique content here along with related quizzes to test yourself.
  5. Every single solution that you will receive from CrazyForStudy is written by experts.
  6. It will ask you to pay only half of the fee while registration and rest can be paid after you feel satisfied with the course content.


Chegg was the real alternative of as it is the oldest and strong reason behind closing Chegg services started from 2005 with scholarship searches and then added up many other services exponentially.

It provides internships to students, millions of solutions to textbook questions and online tutoring. Chegg also provides textbook rentals at very low prices for school and college students.It will also accept textbook sales from its owners and pays instantly.

Chegg is a paid service with a relatively affordable course process for students on a monthly basis. Here you can receive solutions to your questions in minutes from experts.Chegg is a 24/7 service provider which can answer academic questions at any time of a day.

Conclusion of Best Textsheet Alternative Reddit 2020

  • was a free source for academic related solutions which was subjected to sudden shutdown due to copyright issues.
  • But after which many other alternatives of arrived into the market which may not be totally free but are available at affordable prices.
  • Though the listed alternative platforms of are paid sources, one can extract required knowledge out of it which can help to boost up your academic scores also.

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Is There An Alternative To Textsheet?

Slader. Slader is a free bank of homework help, textbook solutions, and general study help. Slader offers a service closest to what used to provide. Select your course, from High School Maths to degree-level Economics, and browse through their many textbook solutions

What Happened To Textsheet Com?

Unfortunately, the Textsheet website is no longer running and has been shut down due to a copyright claim from Chegg, one of the similar websites. The Textsheet started providing answers from the Chegg platform in order to gain more audience that eventually led to its closure.