Can You File A Claim Without a Police Report?

Unfortunately, accidents have become a common occurrence. Thousands of people become victims of car crashes every day. Minimizing the damages and injuries could be possible in many cases. However, the victim must seek legal assistance from an Atlanta car accident attorney if they face difficulties claiming damages. 

If you have been a car accident victim, you would likely be required to provide a police report before the claiming process. Claims or compensation from the insurance company or the defendant party could be crucial for many victims. It helps them recover financially and allows them to seek medical help without worrying about their expenses. If you are confused about filing a claim without a police report, hang onto this article as we cover all the aspects. 

Would you be eligible for a claim without a police report? 

Many victims forget to issue a police report after a car accident. Dealing with the accident could be overwhelming and challenging. The accident could hamper the victim’s physical and mental health. A victim is likely not to file a police report during such times. 

However, the car accident victims would still be eligible for a claim without a police report. They would be required to provide other necessary documents and evidence if they fail to issue a police report. Contacting a car accident attorney in Atlanta could prove to be helpful in such cases. 

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Why should you hire a car accident lawyer in case of a missing police report?

Often, victims forget to include the police report in their claim procedural documents. As we mentioned earlier, dealing with the accident would be tricky. The victim would not be able to deal with the situation alone. Hiring a lawyer in such cases could prove beneficial for many victims. 

The attorney can talk to the insurance company or the defendant party about the claim and compensation. If additional documents are required, the victim can effectively ask their attorney to manage and provide additional information to the insurance company. The attorney can also deal with the defendant’s party in case of compensation. 

What should the victim do after seeking legal assistance? 

A victim has likely encountered injuries and damages after the accident. The only way to recover from the wounds is to contact medical support after the accident. Many victims avoid seeking medical help. It could lead them to severe injuries and disabilities. 

It is a must for the car accident victim to seek medical help from the nearest hospital or medical institution. After seeking medical help, the victim can inform their attorney and ask them to evaluate the claim or compensation amount before final execution.

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