Effective Tips to Sell Gold Without Getting Banned

We have read many strategies and tips that players use to avoid being banned when selling gold in Old School Runescape. Although you should always keep in mind that the sale of gold is against the rules of Runescape and is a reason for permanent ban, here we leave you this collection of effective tips that you can implement to make your accounts last as long as possible and you can take advantage of them to the max.

  1. DO NOT sell gold every day

Above, we commented that the only foolproof method to sell gold without getting banned in Runescape is NOT SELLING. Many players, fearing that their Runescape account will be banned suddenly, having the gold in their account, dedicate themselves to selling as soon as they gather a minimum acceptable amount to trade with a page. This only ends in constant bans for players. In contrast, we have known players who are dedicated to collecting as much OSRS gold as possible and do not sell if not necessary, their accounts have been active for years even after trading billions of gold.

Our recommendation is obvious: not going crazy and unnecessarily selling gold every day gives better results. The testimonials of goldfarmers players with the longest lasting accounts are those who claim to make less than 3 or 4 gold sales per month.

Sell ​​gold just to buy a flour, a cigarette, a bottle or go to the disco with a “jeva”? Strongly discouraged, unless you are willing to be constantly banned.

Sell ​​gold eventually to buy a whole market and feed your family, to buy medicine or for a medical emergency? Always being aware that there is a risk of ban, taking into account that it is a priority need and taking your minimum forecasts, do you dare to take the risk?

Being banned for having sold 5 M is not the same as being banned for selling 100 M.

While it is still unpleasant to lose an account that you spent so much time uploading to, perhaps the feeling of “it was worth it”, “I have no regrets” for large amounts leaves a little more relief and peace of mind.

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  1. Take good care of who you sell your gold to.

Scammers, clone sites, deceptive advertisements, and malicious shoppers abound in the Old School Runescape community.

Greed is often the downfall of many players who fall for hoaxes and scam pages.

Our main recommendation is not to sell to random pages or to buyers that appear out of nowhere because they offer better prices than others.

It is always better to buy and sell to pages recommended by other players you know, who have used their services and who certify that these pages have transferred their payments without problems.

Most of the popular gold buying and selling pages have verifiable references through social networks. You can also ask opinions and experiences of other players from almost any page in Facebook groups.

Something important to highlight and that you should always keep in mind: Serious pages do not buy or sell gold or accounts through Facebook or other social networks, they only attend directly to the chats on their particular pages. Special care must be taken of scammers on social media and in various Runescape communities. You should only transact with trusted sites. For example, if you want to buy OSRS Soul Wars Zeal Tokens, you are advised to buy at RSgoldFast.com.

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A rather reprehensible method used by many “Facebook buyers” is that, upon receiving the gold, they report to Jagex the accounts that they sell to them for goldfarming. The justification I got from several people who used this method was “because it is a method for them to be banned and not me.” Obviously the first to be banned is the one who reports and when their accounts are banned they also ban everyone who traded in any way with said account, creating a domino effect.

The second recommendation, if you have Paypal or Payeer, is to sell directly to English or North American pages instead of local pages, which will always buy your gold at a lower price and some even try to scam you or transfer incomplete payments.

  1. 100% Antiban Secure Methods DO NOT EXIST.

Here we explain in more detail how trades, stakes and other transactions are recorded and tracked on the Jagex servers. Whichever method you use to transfer your gold from one account to another is the same, they all always have the same ban risk. Trade, tip jar, go wild, drop items or put money on a table have the same level of banning risk.

  1. Vary your activities within the game.

Being constantly engaged in the same game activity for many continuous hours and having all the gold disappear from your account in a single trade is extremely suspicious activity for Jagex. There are hundreds of cases of accounts banned by goldfarming and macroing or use of bots for “spending so many hours doing Zulrah without selling” or “spending so many hours doing runecrafting without selling”, among other examples.

We consider that these 4 tips are minimum measures that can be taken to take care of your account and prevent automatic bans, which do not require greater efforts or sacrifices on the part of the player and can bring greater benefits.