Home library and ideas to make them better

Very few things can match the satisfaction of curling up with a book in a corner of the house and getting lost in the magic. You can touch the stars and sit on the moon through your imagination. Bibliophiles can agree, that storing, preserving, and displaying books is an important aspect of every home. Bookshelves or home libraries are known to add richness to the character of the house and making it more inviting. 

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Let us look at some elements which help in making your ideas of the home library a success. 

  • Bookcases can be aesthetically appealing and designing one that fits your house is very important. Bookshelves that take up more space can look tardy and make the space look cluttered. Proper dimensions that include big enough shelves to hold books of all sizes are essential.
  • Just like any furniture, you need to access the quality of raw materials that should be used in making your furniture. If you’re buying readymade furniture, it is wise to assess the strength of the material. Books are known to be heavy and need to have a reliable structure to hold them.
  • Adding seating in front of the bookcase can be a good idea. A chaise lounge, an armchair, or even a loveseat can be used to get cozy with a look. You should pick out a seating that you find comfortable for the library. You can also add a built-in seating like a day bed under the bookshelves. It looks classy and can save space as well.
  • A rug can drastically transform the space into a warm corner. It adds texture and is great for letting your feet down while reading. Rug also adds additional colour to space.
  • You can add a table and a chair to make this your home office. This can be a professional background for a video call as well.
  • Add a pop of colour to keep things interesting. You can add a red shelf or a purple chair to break the monotony of the colour scheme. Adding colourful books on the shelves is also a great way of making sure the shelf looks upbeat. 
  • The most important thing is adding some suitable lighting in and around the bookshelf. For ceiling to floor bookcases, it is difficult to add lights in every cove. Ensuring proper lights is important for you to be able to read while being seated. A separate reading lamp and lights to highlight books on the case is a good idea. You can also put a hanging light just above the seating. 
  • Your bookshelf can be peppered with artifacts and potted plants to accentuate them. Sprinkling awards, painting, photographs, flower arrangements, and decorative candles between books can make it look not only better but more appealing. Adding a globe or maps can give it an adventurous yet rustic look.

Every home library can be customized to your liking and you don’t have to compromise on what you want!

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