How can Heuristics Messaging Software Benefit the Business? 

If you are looking for a company that can heuristicize your messaging needs, Neuristics is the company to go for. It has a database of around 660+ heuritsics ever discovered in the world and has the largest team of trained heuriticians in the world who are adept in their field and has the largest database of 100,000s of heuristicized messages. The service provider makes use of algorithms that can map the dominant heuristics in any product category. So, this is the best opportunity for organizations to generate more annual revenue by taking Newristics’ message optimizing services. With a heuritics messaging software, you can get a big ROI with a small investment. 

What is the benefit of AiGILE? 

With the help of this software, you can not only improve the creativity quotient of your messaging services but also make them scientifically perfect. AiGILE can improve the scientific deck, email, banner ad, print ad, retail signage, concept, landing pages, value deck, product inventory, core claims, target product profile, message inventory, brochure, and so on. You can now improve your marketing content in any form or channel and target all sorts of customers. 

Some of the domains covered under AiGILE software are: 

  • Decision Heuristic Science: This is used for rewriting the messages and add a tone of persuasion to the messages.  
  • Artificial Intelligence: It is used for predicting the message appeal and the best messages are prioritized for optimization. 
  • Agile Project Management: It is a tool by which the entire process is completed in 5 or fewer days. 

Reasons to opt for the subscription of AiGILE 

AiGILE provides the pharmaceutical and the healthcare companies a number of reasons to choose Neuristics. Some of them are: 

  • Turnkey service: If you do not want to waste your time and resources on explanation, AiGILE services serve the purpose as it improves the messages without giving any extra explanation. 
  • 5-day turnaround:  If you are tight on the deadlines, you can safely trust the turnaround time taken by AiGILE, which is as low as 5 days or less. 
  • Affordability of the services: With an investment as low as $10,000 per month, you can avail of the all the exciting features offered by AiGILE. 
  • Unlimited subscription: AiGILE uses an all-you-can-use model of subscription so if you have a lot of content, this can definitely be a very economic decision for the organization. 
  • 2-5 times improvement: AiGILE has shown its performance in 100+ studies where it has emerged as a superior tool and it can be safely said that it gives 2-3 times improvement. 

How can the team offering heuristics messaging software assist you? 

If you are worried about prep works or briefing, or background work, there is nothing to fuss about. Just contact the team of Newristics with your requirement and message, and receive an alternative heuriticized message in 5 days or less. It is indeed as easy as it seems. Now be ready to use the message received from the heuristics messaging software in various deliverables and take your business to new heights. 

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How does the process work? 

The largest database of more than 660+ heuristics is searched. With the help of proprietary algorithm, the top 10-20 dominant heuristics are identified for all categories. The team of writers are given a brief on the dominant heuristics and project management. An online portal is used to heuristicize the messages by leveraging the exclusive home-grown tools. The final set of heuristicized messages are packaged and presented. Every message is scored and the best 2-4 alternatives are selected. Every message written is pre-scored with a machine learning algorithm. 8-10 alternatives are presented for every dominant heuristics.  

The resources in hand 

AiGILE is based on all-you-can-use subscription model and it covers the entire brand. The subscription models offer messaging services meant for all target audience. The messages are delivered through all channels. It covers all the teams that are working on the brand, including the agency partners. It covers all forms of marketing content which are strategic as well as executional. Explore the complete range of services offered by this heuristic messaging software.