How To Choose PEMF Mat?


PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy is a technique that involves pumping electromagnetic radiation into the body at a set frequency. In our body, the bones and cells help in absorption of the energy in a positive manner. We respond to the healing frequencies, aiding our bodies’ inherent capacity to repair.

All PEMF treatment devices are meant to help the brain’s natural self-regulating mechanisms by improving blood circulation inside the microvessels. Thus, PEMF mats can help a long way in attaining health.

Guide on Choosing the Best PEMF Mat

There are many factors to consider while buying a PEMF Mat. We have written down a complete guideline regarding the selection of the PEMF mat. So, read on below to choose the best PEMF Mat hereunder:

  1. Choosing a Frequency

PEMF usually has a frequency of 1 to 100 Hz at extremely low microTesla levels. PEMF has been utilized in most investigations with frequencies ranging from 6 to 75 Hz and field intensities ranging from 0.4 to 2.3 milli Tesla (mT). It helps users to benefit from things like bodily regeneration, better memory, and stress tolerance. So, you should choose a standard frequency that is suitable for your medical condition.

  1. Waveform

Another most important thing to consider is the waveform of the PEMF Mat. HealthyLineOutlet.Com offers the most extensive waveforms. The PEMF Mat of Healthy Line Outlet is high-quality and reliable. You trust the quality as well as the performance of their PEMF mats.

Keep in mind that the Square wave is beneficial for cell stimulation and repair in NASA experiments. The mat’s shorter and sharper waveform may enter cells more easily and quickly, allowing your body’s blood flow to return to normal. Within cells, the signal will be greater as well.

  1.   Bidirectional or Unidirectional PEMF Mat

Another most important thing to consider is the unidirectional or directional mat. If you happen to choose a unidirectional mat, it will not be useful for you in the long run. The human body should not receive a signal or a frequency applied in one direction. It will not neutralize the cells. So, users should go for the bidirectional PEMF mat. It tends to alter the chargers of the mat at a significant time.

Thus, the bidirectional PEMF mat helps in the maintenance of your body’s equilibrium.

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  1. The material of the PEMF Mat

If you have any skin allergies, this is the most important feature to consider. The material of the PEMF mat should be safe, practical as well as lightweight. It must be built to have versatile applications that give you great comfort.

  1.   How Are You Going to Use the PEMF Mat?

First of all, you should consider how you will use the PEMF Mat. Depending upon the frequency of usage, you must decide upon a brand and a type of PEMF mat. Try to answer the following questions:

  •         Am I going to undertake the PEMF sessions daily?
  •         Do I have a sufficient budget to keep coming to a wellness center on a regular basis?
  •         Is my family also going to use the PEMF mat?

So, answer the above questions and use the best PEMF mat as much as you want. If you buy it for yourself, the frequency of usage may cause damage to it in the longer run.

  1.       The Area of Focus

Are you going to use the PEMF mat for your entire body or a specific part? Most people use short applicators for targeting a specific area. So, choose a full PEMF mat or a short mat for healing a particular wound.


These are some of the top factors that should be considered for purchasing the best-quality PEMF mat. This guide will help you in purchasing a personalized PEMF mat. 

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