How to Delete Gmail Account ?

This post tells a complete Step by step procedure to delete Gmail account with live example. you just follow the steps in this article.

Gmail is the best service provided by google company. It has become very essential for all the individuals how are using the latest technology. Even for the written communication incorporate companies, Gmail is used.

It contains a lot of information about us like Date of Birth, age, address, Educational details, a huge number of data files, documents, photos, etc. So, it has got a lot of importance related to our personal data, for the communication purpose, for transferring files, etc.

A Step by step procedure to delete Gmail account

For every website to log in you need to enter your Gmail ID. Nowadays everyone has multiple Gmail accounts that were created for a single-use purpose like to login into an app when you don’t want to share your main account details, to register on the websites. So, these are all single-use purpose for all. After that now you may not use it for a while.

But you may get different types of mails your inbox have a lot of unread emails and being bored to check all those unimportant emails. it is the time to delete your unused Gmail account. If you don’t know how to delete a Gmail account here we have explained clearly and with the pictures for a better understanding.


Here are the step by step processes to delete your Gmail account.

Step: 1 for delete Gmail account

First of all, open the Gmail application or open it in a Browser. Log in with your Gmail id which you want to Delete. Then the Gmail account will open and the home screen will appear.

Step: 2 for delete Gmail account

On the home screen of the Gmail account Click on the 9 dots icon in the right-side top corner then select Account option as mentioned in the picture below. Then the Account page opens.

Step: 3 for delete Gmail account

On the home screen of the Account page in the left part of the page six options will appear to Select the third option which is Data & personalization option then scroll down you will find Download, Delete, or make a plan for your data under that in those three options select Delete a service or your account as mentioned below. Then Delete a service or your account page will open.

Step: 4 for delete Gmail account

In the Delete a service or your account page click on Delete a Service to delete your Gmail services as mentioned below. Then the password dialogue box will appear.

Step: 5 for delete Gmail account

When you complete the fourth step a dialogue box will open to take the password of your account. Enter your login password and click on the Next button as mentioned in the below picture.

Step: 6 for delete Gmail account

After you enter your password Delete a Google service page will open to delete your services choose the services which you want to delete like Gmail, YouTube, etc. click on the delete button as shown in the picture.

Step: 7 for delete Gmail account

After clicking on the delete button a dialogue box will open to take an alternative email address to send verification mail after filling the mail address click on Send verification Email option to get the verification mail to delete your Gmail service

Step: 8 for delete Gmail account

Wait for some time until you get a verification mail. After you received mail open it and follow the deletion link in the message until you reach Confirm Gmail Deletion box.

Step: 9 for delete Gmail account

After getting Confirm Gmail Deletion dialogue box select Yes, I want to delete for example ([email protected]).

Step: 10 for delete Gmail account

Then click on Delete Gmail and click Done. Then your account will be deleted.

Final Words

 Keep one thing in your mind the mails, files all will be deleted when you delete your account so try to copy or download the important files into your device. So, the data will be on a safer side. So, in this, you can delete your Gmail services when it is not needed for you.

This process is not only to Gmail for all other services provided by Google like YouTube etc.The Gmail service contains our personal information so we need to save our data as the hackers will mislead our data for the illegal works.

  • So, having more accounts is not good for all. It may also lead to forgot your passwords as you are using multiple accounts.
  • The best way to maintain the Gmail accounts is to have one account for personal use and another one is for professional use so your mails will not be confused.
  • Don’t give your Gmail details every where it may lead to misuse of your data so be careful when you are giving personal data somewhere.
  • Don’t share your Gmail passwords with everyone share it when it is needed and try to change the account password frequently. It will help you to safeguard your data.

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