How To Look After Hair Extensions?

Voluminous and long hair locks top every girl’s bucket list. There’s nothing as better as having hair extensions that give an instant boost to healthy hair, making the volume double with your desired length. Gone are the days when girls did everything possible to make their hair grow. But thanks to the evolving hair fashion trends, hair extensions are so much in fashion these days that make hair look real and natural.

If you are taking the splurge of getting hair extensions, then this blog is for you to note down the easy ways to take care of hair extensions. To make your hair extension last long, taking care of hair extension is as important as looking after your hair. To boost the longevity of your hair extensions, consider the following tips at home. 

At-Home Tips To Look after Hair Extensions

Wash Hair Extensions with Care 

Let’s burst the biggest myth related to wearing hair extensions. You can wash your extensions as same as your original hair. What matters is the care and attention. To ensure taking good care of the hair extensions, make sure to wash them on a regular basis. Consult your hair stylist and invest in the shampoo and conditioner that is extensively made for hair extensions. Along with the extensions, you need to pick the shampoo that also caters to the growth of your natural mane. Use a good Hair Shampoo that works great for both hair extensions and natural hair. 

Brush Hair Regularly to Avoid Tangles 

Long hair is likely to get tangled more than short hair. If you have got hair extensions, make sure to brush your hair regularly. Use a wide teeth comb mainly a wooden comb to detangle the locks and knots. Even if you take off your extensions, ensure brushing the locks. Brush them gently to avoid hair loss or hair pulling. Invest in a premium quality hair brush that brushes the hair without breakage and keeps the scalp healthy. VEGA Wooden Paddle Brush is the ideal choice that detangles hair with ease and adds lustrous shine and smoothness to the frizzy hair. 

Minimize Heat Damage 

Hair Extensions long last only if you take better care. Just like normal hair, try to take better care of your hair by minimizing the heat damage. While styling your hair with hair tools, set the temperature to a minimum and experiment with your hair extensions without causing much damage. For protecting the tips, always apply a heat protectant before styling your hair. Argan Oil Heat Protector gives smooth and frizz-free hair and also protects the hair from heat. 

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Don’t Leave the Extensions Wet

No matter who lazy do you feel, always dry the wet hair extensions thoroughly before hitting the bed. The hair extensions can become tangled, rough, or frizzy if you leave the hair extensions wet. Hair is the weakest when it is wet hence you have to be a little cautious while handling the wet mane. And if you sleep with wet hair, tossing and turning, you might end up ruining the hair extensions hence after every wash, dry your hair properly. 

With the help of the following easy steps, you can keep your hair extensions maintained sitting in the comfort zone of the home. 

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