How To Open.Wsp Files?

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How To Open.Wsp Files?

.wsp file is a SharePoint solution package file, which is used to deploy custom features, solutions, and templates to a SharePoint environment. These files can be opened and edited using various tools depending on the type of content inside the package. Here’s a guide on how to open .wsp files:

Using Sharepoint Designer: 

SharePoint Designer is a free tool from Microsoft that can be used to open and edit .wsp files. To open a .wsp file in SharePoint Designer, simply double-click on the file, and it will automatically open in the designer.

Using Visual Studio: 

Visual Studio is a powerful development tool that can be used to open and edit .wsp files. To open a .wsp file in Visual Studio, you will need to first install the SharePoint Development Tools extension. Once installed, you can open the .wsp file by simply double-clicking on it.

Using 7-Zip: 

7-Zip is a free file archiving tool that can be used to open .wsp files. To open a .wsp file in 7-Zip, simply right-click on the file and select “Open archive” from the context menu.

Using Third-Party Tools: 

There are several third-party tools available that can be used to open and edit .wsp files. Some popular options include WSPBuilder, WSP Viewer, and SharePoint Solution Generator.

Once you have the .wsp file opened, you can extract the contents of the package and edit the files as needed.

Please note that, before making any changes to a .wsp file, it’s important to make a backup copy of the original file, so you can easily revert back to the original if needed. Also, make sure you understand the implications of the changes you make before deploying them to a production environment.

By following these simple steps, you can open and edit .wsp files and customize your SharePoint environment to meet your specific needs.

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What Program Opens Wsp Files?

WSP files can be developed using Microsoft Visual Studio with the “Visual Studio extensions for Windows SharePoint Services” plug-in.

What Is The Wsp File Format?

A WSP is nothing more than a CAB file that contains a few XML files linking to the resources that will be copied to SharePoint. CAB files can be easily opened with a zip tool like 7zip but most software does not compress files in the CAB format.

How Do I Open A Wsp File In Visual Studio?

To import a . wsp file

  1. In Visual Studio, on the menu bar, choose File > New > Project to display the New Project dialog box. …
  2. Expand the SharePoint node under either Visual C# or Visual Basic, and then choose the 2010 node.

How Do I Edit A Wsp File?

If I want to modify a file in a WSP file I have to follow these steps:

  1. Rename the WSP file to CAB and extract all the files.
  2. Modify the necessary files.
  3. Rebuild the correct directory structure for the solution.
  4. Copy the files into that directory structure (in the right place)

How Do I Open A WPS File In Windows?

Click your file and “Open”

Once the file explorer window opens, locate your file. Click the file to select and then click the “Open” button. This prompts the application to open the WPS file. Once the file is open, you can make edits to it and save it in the same or a different format.

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