How To Outrank Your Competitors and Become the Best Local SEO in 2021

For most companies out there, the idea of trying to make their mark in a competitive industry — especially in a year like 2021 — brings with it plenty of expectations. There is no denying that the ongoing pandemic continues to cause problems for many, though savvy business owners have found ways to stay afloat despite all of the potential issues. For example, while the tourism sector has taken some of the biggest hits during 2020, it still somehow managed to stay strong due to the situation with the locals. As many homeowners are spending time indoors to stave off infection, many are suffering a bit of cabin fever.

The tourism sector sought to rebrand its efforts by going for the locals instead of the tourists — effectively changing things up for the better. While there are still very few people making visits to remote locations, the fact that many locals are raring to go out is reason enough to make the change. In the case of companies with physical establishments, it would also be a good idea to look into the best possible digital marketing strategy. In the case of search engine optimization (SEO), it involves the use of the best local SEO agencies available.

That said, even local SEO businesses are making changes to their day-to-day processes to help adapt better to the new year. It is a fascinating change of pace, as it feels like every company is on a level playing field at the start of the year. For businesses and agencies alike, here are just some ways to help outrank the competition and be the best business possible in 2021.

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On the topic of web optimization

Whether the company is looking to make use of local SEO solutions, or a local SEO company is looking to attract potential clients, it all starts with the website. Without an optimized website, the odds of an online user converting into a customer will always be up in the air. For example, even if the advertisement is fantastic, if the landing page lacks quality, most people will feel like they were tricked, and will likely never click on the advert again.

That said, it is one thing to talk about why web optimization and another to teach about how to make use of such a tactic. Here are just a few tips!

  • Keep an eye on image quality. Whether company or agency, the image quality still matters, as it could very well cause problems for the website. For example, everyone knows that quality images are necessary to get the job done. What most people do not realize is that there is such a thing as too much quality. An image can be a high enough resolution that it starts slowing things down. If it ends up slowing the site down too much, the company cannot expect to get very far.
  • Look into keeping loading times low in general. Aside from taking the time to ensure that images are just the right size, there are other things a company owner can do to keep the website’s loading times as low as possible. For example, there is no need for any unnecessary widgets for a business website — it is all about ensuring that the user has an easy time finding what they want and to maintain your online reputation management.
  • Ensure that the advert and landing page are similar. One other thing that some companies forget is the fact that the content in the PPC Ad copy (or any other advert) should match the content of the landing page. Even if the written content on the ad is precisely what is needed to attract customers, without the necessary landing page to back up the well-written text, it will likely result in a high bounce rate.
  • Consider the mobile platform!. Last but not least, the mobile platform is one of the most prolific mediums in the marketplace today. In 2021, it serves to be the primary battlefield for companies to gain the attention of their target audience. If the company wants to make use of the best local SEO or strive to be the best possible SEO company, it always helps to have a superior mobile platform.

Appeal to the target audience’s local connection

The reason why anyone would want to make use of local SEO solutions is the fact that it narrows the competition and provides a target audience that is most likely to click on the advertising. However, it is not enough to have an advertisement that appeals to local audiences. It also helps to ensure that the content matches the advert (as stated above) and to have content ready to help encourage online users to eventually make a purchase.

For example, any good website would make use of content marketing with the help of various articles and blogs. Keep in mind that those blogs will likely be relevant to the products and services — but it is not always relevant to the location. The idea is to ensure that the articles and blogs help appeal to the local traditions by adding local events into the mix. There could also be a connection of the products to the local area, which helps people develop a bond with the company.

Make use of geo-targeting features

For any company that wants to succeed with the best local SEO solutions, it would be wise to make use of other local SEO solutions for other platforms. For example, anyone that wants to make waves with the help of Facebook will be pleased to find that the social media platform has convenient geo-targeting tools for the company. Depending on the chosen platform, there are going to be various solutions that could include geo-targeting options. 

Whether the company is looking to appeal to the local popular or an agency is trying to attract the right clients, the tips above are more than enough to provide the much-needed assistance. While it is still necessary to remain consistent and diligent, the above tips can help build a strong foundation for any digital marketing strategy.

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