Must-know facts when you get hit by a car in Las Vegas

Pedestrians who are struck by careless vehicles frequently sustain severe injuries as a result of the impact. However, as evidenced by the innumerable incidents in which insurance tries to compensate injured pedestrians next to nothing, insurers may not think those injuries are such a big concern. Injured pedestrian knockdown las vegas lawyer in many cases.

What to Do If You’re Walking and Get Hit by a Car?

Accidents involving pedestrians are unfortunately common in Las Vegas. According to Vision Zero data, there are more than 100 fatal pedestrian accidents in Las Vegas City each year. 

What you do following a pedestrian collision is critical. Your personal injury claim and your chances of receiving a fair amount of compensation from the driver who injured you are heavily influenced by the decisions you make quickly after the event.

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If you performed any of the following after your pedestrian accident, let your attorneys know:

Driver identification: The driver that hit you should pull over and offer their name, address, and insurance information. Please provide this information to your attorneys so that they can investigate the driving history and determine who to file your claim against.

Eyewitnesses: Passersby are more likely to try to stop and aid after witnessing a pedestrian collision than a typical car accident, according to eyewitnesses. Lawyers will want to communicate with those individuals to discover whether they have any new information that they would not know otherwise.

Received medical attention: Ideally, you should have sought medical help as soon as possible after your pedestrian accident.

What are the Most Common Pedestrian Accident Causes?

Driver inattention is one of the primary causes of pedestrian accidents, and intoxicated drivers are likewise a big problem. Due to their diminutive size relative to other cars, drivers who are not paying attention to the road around them are more prone to miss pedestrians.

The most common places for pedestrian accidents to occur are intersections and parking lots. Both sites allow pedestrians to access the road legally; therefore, it’s only reasonable that there’s a more serious danger of a pedestrian accident there. Vehicles must be highly cautious when backing out of or swinging into spaces in parking lots because pedestrians may be present.


Although it is commonly presumed that a vehicle’s negligence caused a pedestrian collision, there is no certainty that the driver will be held responsible. In reality, there are some cases where the pedestrian bears the brunt of the blame. A pedestrian who joins the road illegally will have difficulty proving that the car who hit them should compensate them fully.

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