Prevent deadly truck accidents by practicing defensive driving – A few expert tips

Regardless of whether you’re a novice truck driver or an experienced one, you would definitely not want to get into an accident. Being a heavy vehicle, a truck accident can lead to harming others, causing massive damage to other property, insurance, and legal issues. To say the least, a truck accident can leave you off the road for several months, at a stretch. 

Although data reveals that commercial trucks are only involved in 3.5% of the road accidents and just 15% of the crashes occur due to the fault of the truck driver. Despite this, it is still important for them to know the defensive driving tips through which they can avert a road accident. Take a look at them.

  • Be slow while driving

Now that you can bear the responsibility of driving a truck, this means that you are a professional driver. Remember that it is necessary to do anything methodically, systematically, and slowly. Drive slowly when you’re coming and crossing a truck, pulling out a truck from a drop yard, or when you’re looking for the location of a customer. No matter what you do, you have to emphasize the vitality of driving slowly. 

  • Stay away from blind spots

Commercial trucks and other heavy vehicles have numerous blind spots as compared to other vehicles. If you think it’s possible, you should stay out of the below-listed areas:

  • 20 feet in front of the commercial truck
  • The lane on the side of the driver that’s going back to half the length of the trailer
  • 30 feet behind the length of the truck
  • Two lanes wide on the right-hand portion of the truck

If you can’t see the face of the driver in the rear view mirror of the truck, you should know that he too is not able to see you. These blind spots should be avoided. 

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  • Give enough space to the truck

Never be near a truck for too long a time. This is because you will be at an increased risk of a crash due to factors like sudden braking, blowouts of tires, and high winds. You should also maintain a sufficient following distance behind a truck of a minimum of 5 seconds. Make sure the truck gets enough space while it turns. They may need at least two lanes while taking wide turns. 

  • Stay away from all distractions

Whenever you drive under distraction, you unknowingly increase the possibility of causing harm to yourself. Avert activities that take away your concentration, your eyes, hands, and mind off the road. Don’t eat anything while driving, stay away from using cell phones or responding to text messages while driving. Texting while driving is one of the leading causes of truck and car accidents all over the nation. 

In spite of taking all the above-listed precautions, if you still meet with an accident, consult an attorney. Skilled Las Vegas truck accident lawyers can walk you through the intricate details of the lawsuit process and help you obtain your due compensation. 

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