Should You Repair Or Replace Your Washing Machine?

Washing machines are convenient home appliances that often work behind the scenes to keep your clothes clean and fresh. For the most part, the brushless motors in washing machines spin for hours, days, weeks, months and years unnoticed, but when a problem strikes, it’s likely to get your attention. A malfunctioning washing machine can lead to floods and even fires, so it’s best to address problems quickly. With this being the case, is it better to repair or replace a malfunctioning washing machine?

Repairing A Washing Machine Yourself

Repairing a washing machine is often a good option when the problem is something your can handle on your own at a relatively low cost. If you’re simply replacing a belt or a water line, this job can usually be done without spending much money and with a minimal amount of time invested. If you need to replace a motor however, things get a bit more complicated. While you can buy brushless motors from ARC Systems Inc., the replacement process needs to be handled with skill and care.

Most small brushless motors, large brushless motors and sensored brushless motors require some degree of experience with electrical components in order to handle and install safely. If you don’t have experience working with DC brushless motors, you run the risk of causing electrical problems that can not only affect your washing machine, but they can also affect the entire electrical system of your home. Once again, these problems can lead to injuries and property damage, and you may end up having to replace the washing machine in the end.

Hiring A Professional Repair Technician

Because of the potential for danger involved in replacing washing machine components yourself, it’s usually recommended to partner with a repair technician for these kinds of jobs. A washing machine repair technician will have the experience and knowledge required to safely and effectively handle large jobs like motor replacement while still being able to handle smaller tasks like line replacement. Another advantage to working with a professional is that they will be able to offer diagnostic services to ensure that the appropriate repair is being completed instead of spending valuable time and money on guesswork.

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Replacing A Washing Machine

Of course, there are some situations where it makes more sense to replace a malfunctioning washing machine as opposed to repairing it. In general, determining whether replacement makes sense comes down to examining the expected remaining lifespan of the washing machine and comparing it against the cost of repair.

If it’s going to cost you $500 to have a 12-year-old washing machine repaired, that money may be better spent on purchasing a new unit. This, of course, comes down to your needs and your budget, but in the end, the basic concept remains the same: you don’t want to spend more on repair costs than the washing machine is worth.

Also, consider the cost of ongoing maintenance and future repairs. If a unit is older, it is likely to continue experiencing ongoing maintenance and repair issues on a more frequent basis as time goes by. Even if you have the unit repaired now, you may end up spending the same amount on a different repair within the next six months to a year.

In these cases, purchasing a new washing machine makes more sense since you’ll not only have a working washer, but you’ll also have peace of mind in knowing that the unit will be much less likely to require repairs anytime soon. On top of that, a new washing machine will almost certainly come with a warranty, and extended warranty policies are often available for purchase from manufacturers and retailers. With a warranty in place, repairs will typically be covered and will result in fewer expenses, both in the short term and the long term.

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