Top 4 Benefits of Switching to an eSIM

Many smartphone brands have recently switched from physical SIMs to eSIMs. It has existed for several years, but after iPhone made this major switch which became popular with the customers, popular brands started following it. Switching from a phone with a physical SIM card you have used for many years to a better phone that only supports eSIM can put you in a dilemma. You may wonder if this switch is necessary and if you will be comfortable with it. 

  1. Frees Up the SIM Slot Space:

SIM cards take up some space on your phone. The SIM card is inserted in a slot. Even though, over the years, the SIM card slot has reduced in size, it still takes up extra space in your smartphone. As the device’s size is already small, even the tiny space occupied can significantly impact the phone’s performance. When switching from a physical SIM card to an eSIM card. The manufacturers no longer need to provide an extra slot to insert the SIM. eSIMs only take a fraction of the room compared to physical SIM cards. So, you now have a lot of extra space on your phone that can be utilized differently. For example, the phone’s size can be reduced to make it compact and handy, or the battery size can be expanded so that the phone’s battery lasts longer. 

  1. Store Multiple eSIMs:

When you use a device with an eSIM card, such as iPhone 14, you can store up to 8 SIM cards on the phone. This does not mean you can activate all 8 SIM cards simultaneously, as only two can remain active simultaneously. But you can always own multiple physical SIM cards safely stored on your phone instead of taking out the SIM tray and inserting the new SIM card by replacing the old one whenever you wish to switch carriers. When using eSIMs, you can easily avoid this tedious process and eliminate the fear of losing SIM cards.

Why do you need to store so many SIM cards on your phone? But this only guarantees you coverage wherever you go. As a cell phone user, you must know that not every cellular service is excellent in different parts of your country. So in areas where one carrier offers poor service, you can immediately switch to another strongly available network. This will ensure that you can always remain connected. Also, cellular plans vary from different carriers. Often, you will see that one carrier offers a better plan than another, such as providing unlimited data. You can always compare the various deals and switch to the carrier offering you a better one.

  1. Easier to Switch SIMs:

When we carry an additional SIM card in our wallets, we also need to move around the PIN to switch the SIM cards from our smartphones. You can eliminate all this hassle by switching to an eSIM card, the digital SIM card the manufacturers will embed in your smartphone. When you own a smartphone, that is.eSIM-compatible switching carriers are as easy as eating a piece of cake. Just a few simple steps and the carrier change are possible. This means much time is saved, as switching physical SIM cards may take a long time.

This is especially useful when you are an avid traveler who must switch SIM cards as they travel from one destination to another. Use to find the best carrier in your destination, and you can get a prepaid SIM card that can be saved on your phone. This means that when you travel to different destinations, you can switch between SIM cards quickly and stay connected while traveling.

  1. Offers Safer Network Connectivity During Travel:

If you travel a lot, especially internationally, staying connected to the network is very important. But it is not always possible to get a network of your cellular service provider in the destination you are traveling to. This may lead to a temporary disconnect from the network. You may be tempted to connect to a public Wi-Fi in such scenarios to stay online, but that is actually not advisable as public Wi-Fi are not secure. On the other hand, when you use multiple eSIMs on your phone, you can just switch to the cellular service as per your need and ensure that. You never lose network connectivity.

The Bottom Line:

The benefits of using an eSIM are endless, which is why many smartphone companies are switching to this new technology. Also, users are slowly realizing the potential of using an eSIM instead of a phone which needs a physical SIM card. Travelers are especially inclined to switch to cell phones offering eSIM card provision. The preference for choosing eSIM is slowly on the rise, and we expect that in the next 2 or 3 years, all smartphones will be completely switching to supporting eSIMs only.