Top hacks to give your marketing campaign boost leads

Today’s digital experience is all about advertisements, promotional content, and marketing campaigns. Did you know? On average, a social media user sees over 11,000 promotions and campaigns each month. 

Some campaigns inspire and engage consumers, compelling them to explore the website and make a purchase. In contrast, many expensive and high-tech campaigns fail to deliver results and often attract consumer frustration and annoyance. Here’s a fact no one will disagree with: YouTube ads are incredibly annoying and deny us an ads-free streaming experience. 

So, how can marketers curate campaigns that inspire desires, buying impulses, demand, and anything but annoyance? Creating a winning marketing campaign that generates leads and successfully converts them into customers isn’t as challenging as it seems. But first, businesses and marketers must shift their focus from funding to creativity. 

Money alone isn’t enough to guarantee a successful campaign. In fact, it’s the least important consideration as compared to keywords, link-building, website loading speed, and other SEO strategies. Keep reading to boost your lead generation strategies with dynamic and effective marketing hacks.  

Building Meaningful Connections 

In 2021, digital marketing upgrades and innovations have created a new standard for quality and creativity. Consumers determine credibility a lot more than just products and services. For instance, website loading speed, video quality, imagery, content creation, and blogs are all aspects scrutinized by consumers these days. 

So, how can you win over consumer trust and build meaningful connections? Educating your consumers and introducing them to insider information that most businesses conceal is a powerful strategy. You can publish informative ebooks and insightful whitepapers to empower your consumers with eye-opening details they won’t find elsewhere. 

If you’re wondering how to make an ebook, you’re probably lagging far behind in the game of digital innovation. Modern-day businesses can benefit from content creation tools, built-in templates, and graphics that make creativity an effortless endeavor. Armed with such tools, business owners can churn out remarkable creativity without the expense of a dedicated marketing department. 

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Deploy Growth Marketing Strategies 

Much is said and written about growth marketing hacks to generate leads and boost conversions. But most entrepreneurs who are unfamiliar with digital marketing dynamics find such information overwhelmingly hard to process. Allow us to explain the concepts in layman’s terms so you can make use of this powerful strategy. 

Websites don’t attract visitors like magnets attract metals. Marketers work hard to build website traffic and visibility and compel visitors to stay interactive with engaging content. Should a user decide to leave your website or product page, is there a way to bring him/her back? Indeed there is! 

Growth marketing hacks focus on a simple premise: capture the personal information of your customers. This information includes their name, email address, home address, contact numbers, buying preferences, and other details. 

Marketers can use this information to create highly personalized and well-targeted campaigns to maximize lead generation. Creating attractive popups that compel users to swap their email addresses in exchange for valuable information is a viable strategy. Marketers commonly add popups to every website page to extract data and connect with users personally. 

Stage Giveaways & Contest 

Consumers adore getting free products and gifts, especially wealthy customers who’re incredibly unamused by their buying power and impulses. There’s nothing more exciting than winning a lucky draw or a competition amongst hundreds and thousands of consumers. 

We’ve all witnessed and participated in many giveaways and contests on Instagram and Facebook groups during the last five years. Such initiatives encourage competitiveness and create a community of like-minded consumers competing for the same prize. Brands and businesses can leverage this competitiveness and desire to win as a strategy to acquire customers and raise brand awareness. 

Running a contest or staging an exciting giveaway opens up exciting opportunities to grow and invite new visitors. You can capture their information, adding their contact details to your email marketing list to generate leads. 

Contests are a highly efficient and budget-friendly strategy to build a close-knitted social media family of loyal followers. You can also collaborate with businesses and brands that compliment your products to curate attractive offers and gifts. 

Interactive & Immersive Videos 

Video marketing is presently the most dynamic, successful, and efficient lead generation marketing strategy. What is the most significant reason behind the popularity and success of video content? Naturally, the digestibility of videos makes them amazingly interactive and effective at raising awareness and delivering information. 

Modern-day users are spoilt for choice when it comes to content. Aside from ads and promotional posts, consumers have an abundance of options to stream and entertain themselves. So, why would you expect them to spend 20-30 minutes reading a lengthy blog on your website? More importantly, would you take such time to read a blog unless you’re specifically looking for information to educate yourself? 

Videos are easily digestible, and users enjoy watching interactive and entertaining videos that deliver an inspirational message. Product tutorials, influencer marketing campaigns, live sessions, and panel discussions are popular mediums to win consumer engagement.

Embrace Influencer Marketing 

Consumers are more likely to trust family members, friends, and social media influencers than brands and marketers. Why is that? Modern-day consumers are empowered, tech-savvy, and confidently vocal about sharing their disappointments online. Advertising gimmicks that worked back in the day end up discrediting and defaming brands in 2021. 

Misleading ads and fallacious claims result in loud outbursts in consumer groups, dismantling brands overnight. So, how can brands explore a consumer-friendly advertising medium to generate leads? It’s simple: collaborate with an influencer who enjoys trust and popularity across your target audience. 

Influencer marketing is the modern-day alternative for word-of-mouth marketing, except it’s much more creative and effective. Brands and corporations rely on influencers to spread the word about new products, services, and discounts. Influencers are responsible for curating, publishing, and promoting content, creating a cost-effective marketing solution. 

More importantly, influencers help inspire trends and allow brands to cast a favorable impression on their audiences. Product tutorials and reviews are popular strategies that influencers deploy to encourage their audiences to make buying decisions. 


Are you struggling to make sales and acquire new customers? We advise you to start by reviewing and evaluating your current marketing strategies and campaigns. What are you doing wrong, and how can you fix it? 

In most cases, businesses fail to understand their target audience’s needs, demands, and preferences. This lack of consumer understanding lays the foundation of marketing failures. A campaign that is based upon considering consumer psychology and sentiments never fails to deliver the intended results. 

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