Types and Benefits of an Omnibus Online Survey

Have you thought about investing in market research? Many businesses avoid such investments due to their limited resources and tight budgets. 

Nevertheless, omnibus surveys are budget-friendly, as they are commissioned on behalf of different businesses that share the costs. Clients get fast answers, save money, and feel much more confident. Data is obtained from real people on a national or global level in accordance with sponsors’ requirements. 

Omnibus surveys make it possible for brands to profile their targets, size the market, and measure awareness. 

Have a look at the types and benefits of these surveys.

National U.S.

National U.S. omnibus surveys provide results from over a thousand U.S. adults, which are demographically balanced. Questions are supposed to be submitted by 3 pm Eastern Time only a single business day before the launch. The responsibility of the firm is to finalize the questionnaire by 12 pm Eastern Time on the day of launching the survey. The results are usually delivered the following business day. 

The questions included in national U.S. omnibus surveys can be single-select, or multi-select list questions with a maximum of ten response alternatives included. Also, open-ends, scale, grid, and ranking questions can be included as well. See this website for some examples of open-ended vs. close-ended questions. In contrast, the answers are provided in excel data tables, dashboards, and PowerPoint summary charts. 

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Omnibus survey clients have an option to build their own questionnaires tailored to their specific needs. Custom options involve longer questionnaires, large sample sizes, and access to hard-to-reach audiences, conducted on the U.S. or global level. The process remains the same, requiring sponsors to submit the questions for the firm to review them and provide them with results within 24 hours. 

Apart from the questions types mentioned above, custom surveys offer customized programming capabilities and stimuli, such as videos, audio, and images. The same goes for the deliverable options, as sponsors can choose to have their results delivered in the form of infographics, reporting, custom banners, open-end coding, etc. 


Global omnibus surveys provide quick results collected from interviewing respondents across various countries by global research experts. The answers are gathered from five hundred or a thousand adults per country who represent the target countries. Professionals help brands expand their global reach by interviewing real people from countries in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region. Go here, https://apcss.org/about/ap-countries/, to see the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. 

The question types in global omnibus surveys remain unchanged, including grid, scale, open-end, and single/multi-select list questions. Sponsors receive the results through interactive data tables in Excel, dashboards with demographic filters, and PowerPoint charts. 


The majority of omnibus survey firms provide clients with interactive deliverables, such as online dashboards and excel data viewers. For instance, online dashboards are easy-to-use and equipped with more than fifty demographic filters. Users are also enabled to export them into PowerPoint slides, which they can edit later. 

In addition, online dashboards offer various helpful features, including user-friendly drag and drop functionality, a reliable platform, the possibility to specify access types for different users, tracking trend lines, viewing differences between countries, etc. Another option for receiving your deliverables is via the Excel data viewer. 

This data viewer incorporates all questions and answers in a single file with over fifty demographic groups. Users can view unweighted and weighted data, take advantage of custom banners, table setups, etc. 

Benefits of using omnibus surveys

There are numerous reasons why brands should consider investing in omnibus surveys, including quick data collection, gathering quality data, and obtaining cost-effective results. No other research methodology is capable of providing such a quick collection of data, which is gathered and reviewed within 48 hours. 

Rapid data collection is enabled through designing and finalizing questions in the shortest period possible. In case the requested deliverables involve raw data export, they can be sent immediately after data quality checks are completed. Anyhow, if the report requested by clients involves insights, an additional 24 hours might be necessary for the results to be sent. 

Data quality is of tremendous importance in any market research study. There are numerous omnibus survey providers, such as Directions Research, developing the best research solutions. Several data quality checks are conducted to inspect the quality of data for omnibus questionnaires. Regardless of their short length, quality checks are as strict as with other types of questionnaires. 

As already mentioned, the cost-effectiveness of this method is a major motivator for brands to sponsor an array of questions and share the expenses with other sponsors. Conversely, traditional research methods are costlier, as you will have to pay for the expenses yourself. 

Final thoughts

Such questionnaires can connect you to people to get the right answers and make better business decisions!

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