Types Of Stud Earrings And How To Style Them

Stud earrings – these are those essential jewellery pieces you ought to find in the collection of every woman regardless of her love for accessories. And the reasons behind this popularity are also justified. Be it an office meeting, a family function or just a day out with friends, stud earrings can complement any occasion. 

Not just this, stud earrings can also be paired with any outfit. These are great for daily wear and you will not have to ever worry about accessorizing yourself. The designs are also light-weight and hassle-free. This means, no more pain in the ears. Your clothes or hair will also not get tangled in the earring. 

In short, stud earrings are perfect in every way. For the love of stud earrings, we have created this unique style guide. Read it and know the latest types of stud earrings and how you can wear them like a star!

This is the most famous type of stud earrings. Diamond studs are classy and suitable for everyone – from young girls to and older women. Its designs usually start with solitaire stud earrings to cluster stud earrings. As for how to style it, we will suggest you to wear it with anything! That’s the best part of diamond studs. If you have a solitaire, it is great for everyday wear. And if the diamonds are big and more precious, you can save them for special occasions.  

  • Pearl Stud Earrings

If there is any type of stud earring that can symbolise elegance, it is none other than peals studs. These are best to be paired with formal shirts or even long gowns. Women can also wear them on daily basis, given that they take care of the pearls so that they do not lose their shine. 

  • Floral Stud Earrings

Let’s try some designs for your studs. Flower stud earrings are mostly famous among young girls and women. They are great for a casual hangout. You can also wear them while travelling as they go best with a summer dress. You can also wear them with a traditional kurti to impart a feminine look.  

  • Gold Stud Earrings

Just like diamond jewellery, gold is also quite famous when it comes to studs. Women of all ages can comfortably wear gold studs for any occasion or outfit. Gold studs are widely used among Indian. In fact, in many traditions, young girls wear gold studs right after getting their ears pierced. You can also add a stone or crystal in your gold studs to add colour to the whole look. 

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  • Colourful Stud Earrings

At times, you may want a stud earring that is not safe and simple. In those times, turn to colourful studs. They can be both cute and bold adding to your attire. Many women prefer colourful gemstones added to stud to add more colour and class. Pair them easily with matching jewellery and you are good to go. These stud earrings can also make a fabulous style statement if you choose a distinctive design. 

  • Big Stud Earrings

As the name clearly states, these are over-sized stud earrings. They are often used to look prominent yet subtle. You can wear big studs on a special occasion such as an evening party. They look glamourous when paired with a western gown or a saree. If you know how to carry it well, big stud earrings can make you look classy and sophisticated.

The Takeaway

When it comes to the types of stud earrings, the list can be longer. But what really matters is that no matter how big your stud earring is or what the design is, it can be easily paired with any outfit for any occasion. So don’t give much thought and just add a classy pair of stud earrings to your collection right away! 

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