What Is GP2 In BSNL?

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In the realm of telecommunications, providing reliable and high-speed internet connectivity is paramount. In line with this objective, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), one of India’s leading telecommunications companies, introduced the GP2 (GPON Phase 2) technology. GP2 in BSNL represents a significant advancement in broadband connectivity, offering faster speeds, improved reliability, and enhanced user experience. In this blog post, we will delve into what GP2 in BSNL entails, its significance in the world of broadband, and the benefits it brings to consumers.

What Is GP2 In BSNL?

GP2, or GPON Phase 2, is a technology deployed by BSNL to upgrade its broadband network infrastructure. GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) is a fiber-optic communication system that utilizes optical cables to transmit data at high speeds. GP2 represents the second phase of BSNL’s GPON deployment, incorporating advanced features and enhancements for an enhanced broadband experience.

Key Features And Benefits Of GP2

  1. Increased Bandwidth: GP2 in BSNL enables higher bandwidth capacity, allowing for faster data transfer rates. This means users can experience significantly improved download and upload speeds, enabling seamless streaming, online gaming, and large file transfers.
  2. Enhanced Reliability: GP2 technology enhances the reliability of broadband connections by minimizing signal loss and reducing network congestion. The use of optical fibers ensures stable and consistent performance, minimizing interruptions and downtime.
  3. Scalability: GP2 offers scalability, allowing BSNL to efficiently upgrade and expand its broadband network to accommodate growing user demands. This scalability ensures that BSNL can meet the increasing bandwidth requirements of consumers and businesses in the digital age.
  4. Future-Proof Technology: GP2 in BSNL represents a future-proof investment in broadband infrastructure. The technology is designed to support emerging applications and technologies that demand higher bandwidth, ensuring that BSNL can meet the evolving needs of its customers in the long run.
  5. Improved User Experience: With faster speeds and enhanced reliability, GP2 provides users with an improved broadband experience. Users can enjoy seamless video streaming, lag-free online gaming, quick downloads, and enhanced web browsing, resulting in a more satisfying online experience.

Deployment And Expansion

BSNL has been steadily deploying GP2 technology across its network to offer improved broadband services to its customers. The deployment involves upgrading the existing infrastructure with GPON equipment, including Optical Line Terminals (OLTs) and Optical Network Units (ONUs), to enable the transmission of high-speed data over fiber-optic cables.

BSNL’s GP2 deployment is an ongoing process, with plans to expand coverage to more areas and cities. The expansion aims to bring high-speed broadband connectivity to a larger customer base, promoting digital inclusion and bridging the digital divide.


GP2 in BSNL represents a significant advancement in broadband connectivity, bringing faster speeds, enhanced reliability, and improved user experiences to consumers. With GP2 technology, BSNL is expanding its broadband network infrastructure, providing high-speed internet access to a growing number of users across India. This technology upgrade not only offers faster and more reliable internet connections but also sets the stage for future innovations and emerging technologies that demand higher bandwidth. As BSNL continues to deploy and expand GP2, more users can reap the benefits of a robust and efficient broadband network, enabling them to fully embrace the digital era and all its possibilities.

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What Is Gp 1 And GP2 In BSNL?

GP1 and GP2 are the grace period 1 and grace period 2 provided by BSNL to their prepaid mobile customers. GP1 shall be 7 days from the date of expiry of the validity of the plan. During the GP1 period, customers will not enjoy any outgoing services unless they have not renewed the plan during the GP1 period.

How To Activate BSNL Grace 2?

When your SIM goes into grace 2 period, you have to go through two processes to get back the number. First process is when you have to obtain the validity date using plan specific voucher. If your plan comes under “Lifetime” plan. Then you’re forced to add minimum 20 Rs to activate it in Grace 2 period.

What To Recharge On Grace 2 BSNL?

Rs 201 BSNL Validity Extension Plan

This plan is valid for grace period 2 and beyond users only.

Which BSNL Plan Is Best For 365 Days?

  • BSNL Rs 797 recharge plan. This is the most affordable recharge plan from BSNL with a validity of a year. …
  • BSNL Rs 1,198 recharge plan. …
  • BSNL Rs 1,499 recharge plan. …
  • BSNL Rs 1,999 recharge plan. …
  • BSNL Rs 2,399 recharge plan. …
  • BSNL Rs 2,999 recharge plan.


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