What Is Information About Data Called?

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What Is Information About Data Called?

In today’s data-driven world, information is often described as the new gold. However, the raw data itself, without context and organization, can be overwhelming and challenging to harness effectively. This is where metadata comes into play. In this blog, we will explore what metadata is, its significance, and how it helps us make sense of the vast sea of data.

What Is Metadata?

Metadata, a portmanteau of “meta,” meaning “beyond” or “about,” and “data,” refers to data about data. In essence, it provides information that describes various aspects of data, making it easier to manage, locate, and understand. Metadata acts as a structured blueprint or guide for data, offering insights into its origin, content, structure, and usage.

Key Components Of Metadata

Metadata can encompass a wide range of information, depending on its purpose and context. Some common components of metadata include:

  1. Title: A brief, descriptive name or title for the dataset or piece of data.
  2. Description: A detailed explanation or summary of the data’s content, purpose, and significance.
  3. Author/Creator: Information about the individual or organization responsible for creating or collecting the data.
  4. Date Created: The date when the data was generated or collected.
  5. Location/Source: Details about where the data originated or was collected, including geographic location, if applicable.
  6. File Format: The format in which the data is stored (e.g., CSV, JSON, XML).
  7. Size: The size of the data file or dataset.
  8. Keywords/Tags: A list of keywords or tags that describe the data’s subject or content.
  9. Data Structure: Information about the data’s structure, including fields, columns, and relationships.
  10. Access Permissions: Details about who can access the data and any access restrictions or permissions.

Importance Of Metadata

  1. Data Discovery: Metadata helps users locate and discover relevant data quickly. By searching for keywords, titles, or descriptions, individuals can find the data they need without having to sift through vast datasets manually.
  2. Data Understanding: Metadata provides context, making data more understandable. Descriptions and explanations help users grasp the data’s significance and purpose.
  3. Data Management: Metadata aids in data organization and management. It helps track changes, version history, and data lineage.
  4. Data Integration: In cases where data from various sources needs to be integrated, metadata plays a crucial role in ensuring that disparate datasets can be harmonized effectively.
  5. Data Governance: For organizations, metadata is a critical component of data governance. It helps establish data quality standards, ownership, and compliance with data regulations.
  6. Data Preservation: Over time, metadata can help preserve the integrity of data, ensuring that it remains useful and relevant even as technologies and systems evolve.

Metadata In The Digital Age

In today’s digital landscape, metadata has gained even more prominence. As the volume of data continues to grow exponentially, efficient data management becomes paramount. Metadata enables search engines to deliver accurate results, helps data scientists and analysts understand the datasets they work with, and ensures data compliance and security.


Metadata is the unsung hero of the data world, providing the necessary context and information about data to make it valuable and usable. Whether you’re searching for a research dataset, managing an organization’s data assets, or simply trying to organize your personal files, metadata plays a crucial role in helping you navigate the vast ocean of information that surrounds us in the digital age.

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What Is Information About Data Called Mcq?

Information about data is known as Metadata.

What Is Information About Data Called In Dbms?

Metadata is information about a data.

What Are The Data Called?

Data can be defined as a systematic record of a particular quantity. It is the different values of that quantity represented together in a set. It is a collection of facts and figures to be used for a specific purpose such as a survey or analysis. When arranged in an organized form, can be called information.

Why Is Called Data?

The Latin word data is the plural of datum, “(thing) given”, neuter past participle of dare, “to give”. The first English use of the word “data” is from the 1640s. The word “data” was first used to mean “transmissible and storable computer information” in 1946. The expression “data processing” was first used in 1954.

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