Who Is Liable In A Trampoline Accident?

One thing that kids love to play with is trampolines. You must remember how you loved jumping on a trampoline when you were younger, and now your child enjoys the same activity. However, broken trampolines or ones without safety nets can result in bad injuries. Such accidents are either the fault of the manufacturer or the property owner. 

If you or your child were injured in a trampoline accident, you could recover compensation from the liable party by filing a defective product or premises liability claim. Which party is liable for your injuries depends on the facts of your case. Speak to a personal injury lawyer today to determine who is responsible for your damages and know your options. 

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When trampoline injuries occur at a park 

If you take your child to the trampoline park expecting to have a fun day, you certainly do not expect to return home with your child injured. Amusement park owners and managers are required to conduct regular maintenance checkups of their rides. They must ensure that each ride functions properly with zero risk of an accident. 

When managers and owners do not fulfill maintenance obligations, people could get injured at amusement parks. You can hold several parties liable if your child has been injured on a trampoline in an amusement park. For example, the manager, owner, manufacturer, designer, etc. Hire an attorney to determine the liable party. 

When trampoline injuries occur at home 

Sometimes, trampoline injuries may not occur at a park but at someone’s home. Children often visit their friends’ homes to play with their trampolines. The parents of the child or the owners of the trampoline should ensure that the children stay safe and do not hurt themselves. 

If your child was injured while jumping on a friend’s or neighbor’s trampoline, you could hold them liable for the damages. If other jumpers are found negligent, you can hold several parties liable at once. 

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Safety tips for playing on the trampoline 

Remember that prevention is always better than cure. If your child likes to play on the trampoline, it is important to teach them some safety rules. 

  • Only one person should jump at one time. 
  • Prohibit somersaults.
  • Do not place the trampoline near trees or other objects your child could hit while jumping. 
  • There should always be an adult supervisor when children are playing on the trampoline. 
  • There should be a trampoline enclosure to prevent children from falling.