FileLinked is the Application to share and download the Application from the Database with PIN code access in the Application. FileLinked give permission to download the Application from the Database with PIN code and share pin in the social media. You can download or upload the file user at the same time in the File linked. You can download the Application in the Firestick and Android to access the pirated Application and enjoy the streaming service in the Big screen.


We can download the FileLinked and install the Application in the Firestick and Android in the Mobile phone and Firestick Device. FileLinked Application is a great tool that lets the user share photos and videos only with family and friends. You need to generate the PIN CODE to access the data from the upload user and download the content with the same PIN code in the FileLinked Application.

FileLinked Codes are Hard to find on the internet and download the Application that is valid in the Device. It gives the original version to download the Application from the FileLinked from the Database. You will enable us to install some of the Application in the Firestick with streaming experience.


FileLinked Application has the More Features and More Benefits that are mentioned below in detail. You need to explore every feature and know every security detail in File Linked. Here are the features of the FileLinked Application.

  1. It is completely free of cost and supported in the various Device like Android Tv, Mac,
  2. It helps to handle multiple files at the same time and download multiple files. You don’t have access through the URL from the Device anymore and make the process faster than ever.
  3. It is a very simple and easy UI with Wallpaper, android apps in the collection. You Can include the files you want and the configuration of the collection freely in it.
  4. You can share the collection with anyone and social media to download and access the app store and install them for free in the Device.


FileLinked Code APK is the Simple Application which is illegal APK from the website. You are very much worried about the application status, developer, Size and Memory in the Application. here are the complete FileLinked Code APK details:

Name FileLinked
Size 23.6MB
License Type Free
Version V20.9
Offered By DroidAdmin
Last Updated June 2020
Supported Device Windows, Mac, Firestick, Android 5.0 and above
Download Link LINK 1, LINK 2, LINK3


To download and install the FileLinked Codes on the Firestick, Windows, Mac, Android Devices with simple procedure and steps in it. It is pirated and illegal Application from the DoridAdmin in the Link. Here are simple steps and guide to download and install the Application in the Device.

  1. First Step: you need to access the Unknown Administrator in the Firestick Settings.
  2. Click on the Settings on the Firestick Remote or slide on the Remote settings in it.
  3. Now Click on the Device or Firestick Developers in it.
  4. Choose the Developer Options and Turn ON Apps from the Unknown Sources in the Firestick.
  5. Please TURN ON to confirm with your intent in the Firestick.

Now the Firestick is ready to Install the third-Party Application from the internet. You need to Run the Third-Party Application from the Device in the Android, Windows, Mac Which is Similar proceed.

  1. You need to download the Downloader Application in the Firestick.
  2. Open the Downloader Application and click on the Home screen in the Application. Enter the URL in the Field.

  1. You can see the on-screen keyboard and enter the URL in it.
  2. You need to enter the URL: and click on the GO to load the Page.
  3. Please wait for few seconds to Download FileLinked APK. Once the Application is Downloaded and start the Install the Application.
  4. Once the Installation the Done, you can see the FileLinked Application in the Home Screen.
  5. You will see the APK file, which is no longer is needed. Please delete the APK file and Delete it Again.

Once you have successfully installed the FileLinked APK in the Firestick, you can launch the app from the Home screen with CodeCode.


In the File, Linked APk has more ads and spammy in the Application. We highly recommend that you should have remove ads in the FileLinked in Main Menu.

  1. Open the FileLinked Application and choose the settings in the FileLinked Settings.
  2. You will see the Toggle switch in the settings. You have to TURN OFF of the Toggle Switch and click on the Apply in it.
  3. You don’t see the ADS in the FileLinked Application.
  1. It would help if you had open the Home screen in the Firestick for some seconds. You will see the APPS & CHANNELS.
  2. Open the FileLinked Application and Enter the CODE in the FileLinked Application.
  3. Please Install the APK FILE and save it with the configuration of the CodeCode. Enter the PIN in this Step.

Top Best FileLinked Codes – Your Streaming TV | Coding, Streaming ...

  1. Click on the NEXT and CONTINUE
  2. You can download and install the Application from the File Linked in the Firestick.
  3. You can see the video tutorial about the install and download the APK from the play button and question mark button in the FileLinked.
  4. Click on the Install and APK file will be installed.


22222222 PIN:4752 Terrarium TV, CINEMA APK, IP Vanish, Aptoid TV, Red Box, Cyber Flix, Nord VPN, Net Tv, bee TV, Magic Tv, and Morpheus Tv.

85810914 PIN: 1010 Apks in the CodeCode are add-free CCleaner, VLC PLAYER, Aptoid TV, and cache Memory.


17779393 PN: 2222 Terrarium TV, Spotify APP, Spotify Music

74238464 – Some of those apps are Movies HD a great app full of the newest movies HD Cinema newest movies that are updated daily.

12345678YouTube TV app, Kodi builds for who likes to watch streams.

38069272- Improve the functionality of your FireStick, YouTube Streaming, Live Tv channels.

14224735 Pin: 9876 – Movie Redbox, HBO HD, DISNEY+, HOTSTAR PLUS, VOOT, IPTV

96031172 Pin: 1234 – Terrarium clone

13131313 Pin: 4545 – Jet Box


You can enjoy the full best working list of the File Linked List of 2020. You can download and install the APKS from the File Linked in the Firestick, WINDOWS, MAC, and Android in the Mobile phone and System. You can enjoy the entertainment content from the System and secure yourself with VPN and IP address

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