This article Guides HOW TO INSTALL WINDOWS FOR MAC AND PC complete guide of installing windows for mac and pc step by step


People are always difficult when they are operating a new operating system and still want to use old in a new system. You can easily download INSTALL WINDOWS FOR MAC AND PC the Windows operating system from the Bootcamp assistant which is available in MAC IOS.

INSTALL WINDOWS FOR MAC Windows operating system is quite easy to use even for a beginner and compare with IOS. Mac supports the features of the Windows operating system with Bootcamp’s assistant in the system.


INSTALL WINDOWS FOR PC IOS is the operating system that is powerful and more settings with preferences in it. Apple made a brand and increasing the demand for having a new laptop. You know Apple always allures the windows and PC’s which Bootcamp right into OS.

Bootcamp will help in running the windows directly on the dual-boot system. Apple pushed the boundary level in the software and hardware from a decade that can run windows in it.

INSTALL WINDOWS FOR MAC AND PC People are around the world using the Mac wants to install the windows and experience and desktop apps need to run in it. Windows operating system will be installed with Bootcamp and ISO file in it. You can make a partition scheme in the Bootcamp and install the drivers for windows very easily.



You need to download the windows internally drive, use the Bootcamp assistant for partition scheme, the process of installation in windows with a password in the system. You need to follow the instructions from the Bootcamp assistant and install the windows from the system. The installation process take some time and wait for the installation process, be patient when installing the OS in the system.

  1. In the first step, you need to download the Windows ISO from the official website from Microsoft in the system. You need to download the ISO based on the system configuration and the system supports the windows.
  2. Download the ISO file to the internal drive in the system. You need to launch the Bootcamp Assistant from the settings APPLICATIONS -> UTILITIES. Click on the continue.
  3. Please the location of the ISO image box and select the box in the Bootcamp assistant.
  4. In the Bootcamp Assistant, you need to Drag the Partition Bar to adjust the Windows Partition to get the desired amount of the space for the Operating system. Leave enough room for macOS installation, you will also leave enough space for windows 10 partition. If you’re are gaming person, the work station person likes to use more windows, then leave more space to run the games, software in the system.
  5. After the complete selection of ISO file, and partition size in the Bootcamp Assistant. Please click on the Next button and downloading start in the Bootcamp assistant. You need to enter the password and soon macOS will reboot into windows setup.
  1. You need to reboot the system; you’ll see the Windows logo followed by the windows setup screen. In the process of windows setup, you need the select the desired language, time, country format, keyboard input method, and click on the Next button.
  2. In this step, you need to enter the windows Activate box and window 10 product key. Please enter the key the click on the next. If you don’t have it, please click on the SKIP PRODUCT KEY button the box.
  3. Please Select the Operating system of the Window 10. Please choose the desired version and click on the next after choosing it.
  4. Please accept the terms and conditions, license terms screen. Check the term I Accept the license term box and click on the next.
  5. The installation process will now commence and copy the needed files to install the features and updates. The process takes a few minutes and mac automatically reboots with seconds.
  6. Once the rebooting is complete, the windows logo will appear again and the setup process will continue. It will reboot again in a fast screen. You can see the custom options here for windows. We recommended you to turn off the settings and click on the next and repeat the process.
  • In the step, you need to create the Account and password for the system sign-in option.
  • Now you will see the Bootcamp assistant for the windows in the system. Please on the next on the Bootcamp assistant and install drivers required for the windows in the system. It allows you to access the drivers, application in the windows.
  • In this step, you can connect the WIFI for the windows, you need to update the windows operating system in the settings and get the driver update for the system. You can update the system from the apple software update in the system and control the pop-up windows right-hand corner.
  • Your system will restart after the update complete and allow you to control the windows in the complete formation.
  • This is the complete process of the windows installation for mac and successfully completed for the system.

You can easily change from the windows from the notification bar, which the windows Bootcamp assistant lets move from the windows to mac by click on the Restart the MACOS. Otherwise, you can use the OPTION key in the keyboard to operate between the windows and mac when you turn on the system.


This is the simple process in the complete the installation for the windows in the MAC IOS. You need to use the WINDOWS Bootcamp assistant from the mac in the application and install the windows from the internal drive. You can install windows in mac from the steps above mentioned and please share the article on the social media.

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