Social Security disability applicants (or SSI disability applicants) are unlikely to get an accessible attorney, even through legal assistance organizations. Lawyers representing people with disabilities are paid on a contingency basis, which means that they only get paid if they win a lawsuit, and they only get paid once from your back benefits. All costs paid to disabled lawyers must be approved by Social Security and are limited to a particular amount.

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What Is The Cost Of A Disability Attorney?

Disability lawyers don’t demand upfront payment for their services. Social Security pays your representation directly out of the backpay award if you are approved. Fees range from $6,000 to 25 percent of your retroactive compensation (back pay). If your disability claim is granted with no back-pay award, the lawyer would not be able to collect a fee unless Social Security approves a special fee petition. However, because of the lengthy time it takes to process an application, Social Security is virtually always obligated to make back payments to people who apply for disability benefits. Learn something about the ability to allocate and request a reduction.

Attorneys May Charge For Other Expenses

To win your case, attorneys will spend it on duplicating and mailing your medical data to the SSA. On the other hand, legal expenses are not allowed to be charged to Social Security claimants before winning their case. Some lawyers will cover costs with you if you simply can’t afford them, while others expect you to pay them directly as the case progresses.

Make sure you know exactly what you’ll be paying an attorney or agent before hiring them. Negotiate appropriate fees via a written agreement.

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If A Person Is Owed Back Wages, Will Legal Aid Organisations Deduct Fees From It?

After a rule change, legal assistance and nonprofit law firms stopped representing Social Security disability claimants in 2005. It was only in that year that SSI lawyers could receive direct payments from Social Security for their costs. As a result, SSI claimants were no longer relying on legal aid organizations because they could obtain counsel on their own. Due to the difficulty in locating an attorney to defend you in a Social Security overpayment lawsuit, many legal aid organizations now only represent clients in those situations. For further information on finding a lawyer for an overpayment issue, see our post on how to hire a lawyer.

However, a few nonprofit firms, community organizations, and legal aid organizations assist Social Security disability claimants. Lawyers and non-attorney advocates enrolled with Social Security are entitled to charge money from your back pay to reimburse them again for the time they spend on your case. Disability compensation costs can also fund legal aid groups’ other services. When it comes to winning your disability claim, legal aid groups don’t typically forgo their fees unless it’s essential.


Enquire with your local legal aid agency to determine whether they accept disability claims and their fee schedules. In this directory, Legal Services Corporation provides information on locating a legal aid office in your area. If you live near a law degree, you could phone them to see whether they have a disability “clinic” wherein law students assist disability claims; however, you won’t receive the advantage of an experienced disability lawyer.

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