How ANT+ Sensors & Vingo App Transcends Cycling

ANT+ sensors are used in fitness machines to gather information, and transmit it to a device. They accurately measure a person’s vitals such as heart rate, and speed, as they work-out on their equipment. Many treadmills and training bikes use these sensors to monitor their user’s movements. Now, Vingo, the latest and the best virtual exercise app uses this sensor too. What it does with that collected information is a whole different thing. When you couple the capabilities of both these you get a wonderful user experience.

ANT+ Sensors are Revolutionary in Nature

The ANT+ sensors work on the same principle as Bluetooth, but they work on a smaller bandwidth. They are known for their fast over-the-air transmission rates and high-quality wireless communication using minimal power and cost. Of course there are several competitors to these sensors too, like Zigbee, and Bluetooth. But ANT+ remains at the top of the list for providing high quality tracking systems to the health sector and fitness machines. These are readily available for buying on famous ecommerce stores. Check if you need one and buy these today.

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The App Creates a Virtual World for Exercises

Now, here’s how the ANT+ sensors use the data they collect through the app. Using the speed of the person, the app starts creating the virtual world before them. When you install the app on your iPhone and connect it with your treadmill, you will start noticing the app accurately calculating your speed and pace on the mill. Once you select a virtual location, you will notice the scenery changing around you according to your speed.

Stay Motivated & Stay Engaged

The whole point of this exercise is to help you stay motivated while you run or cycle indoors. As you know already, indoor workouts tend to get boring after a while. The developers of the Vingo app wanted to combat this issue for the people. Hence, they came up with an app that will keep their exercises interesting, all the while they are motivated and engaged all the time. You can select from a range of maps inside it and explore them to your heart’s content.

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Elevate Your Treadmills with the App

With your treadmill, you can go on online cycling trips around the world, from right where you are. It could be the steep slopes of the Himalayas, or the fiery volcanoes of Iceland, whatever the location may be, you can get there in the blink of an eye and you can run around those spots like nobody cares.

Find the Best Deals on the App Pricing

All these premium features of the app come with a very cheap pricing too, less than $10 per month. You can use the app for online running or even use it as a virtual cycling app by pairing it with your training bike. You can spice up your fitness routine and have fun too. It is a world of never-ending possibilities and all you have to do is, take the leap forward into it.