Looking for Syracuse criminal defense lawyers? Look for these skills!

Regardless of whether you are dealing with a DWI charge in Syracuse or a murder, you have certain rights. One of these rights includes the right to have an attorney. Even if you intend to plead guilty, you should talk to an attorney who can help you get a more favorable outcome. Finding the right Syracuse criminal defense lawyer may sound confusing, but we recommend you check for the skills listed below.

Ability to investigate

Whether an attorney is willing to investigate a case can make a big difference. While the police and prosecution will do their best to investigate and gather details, the criminal defense lawyer works for the client and look for aspects that those parties may have missed. The variance between success and failure lies in evidence, and a good lawyer should know what it takes to uncover facts.

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Ability to negotiate

We all know that negotiation is something that criminal defense lawyers must engage in, but how an attorney does that makes a huge difference. When an attorney is negotiating for the client, they must consider two critical aspects. The first is about understanding what the client deserves and whether negotiation can help. Secondly, the lawyer should evaluate what is likely to happen if the matter goes to trial. A criminal lawyer already knows whether the client is guilty or not, but they shouldn’t beg, while, or plead but take a stauncher approach.

Ability to win at trial

The truth is criminal defense lawyers often don’t want to take matters to court because they don’t have the experience to handle such cases. Trials don’t only require a lot of prep work, but there is considerable stress involved. A skilled defense lawyer may have to spend weeks on a felony trial, which may mean many hours of extensive work for smaller criminal cases. No matter the situation, always talk to a potential lawyer about the possibility of a trial.

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Final word

Give yourself a chance when facing a criminal charge, no matter how dull the situation may seem. Get a criminal defense lawyer at the earliest so that they have time to work on the case and gather relevant information. The sooner your lawyer comes on board, the better your scope is. Most lawyers charge an hourly rate, and if hiring a capable lawyer means spending more than you expected, that is always worth considering.