How To Choose The Best SEO Agency?

So you have started your online business and you’re now looking for an agency to help you increase your organic reach. You want a professional who is able to help you increase your sale or brand awareness using white hat methods. You considered employing a freelancer but you don’t have enough time to manage him/her. You considered employing an in-house specialist but you found out that it will not be profitable for you. The best answer is to use a SEO agency to help you with your goal. Here are some tips to help you decide how to choose the best SEO agency.

Look for your local SEO companies

A local company can help you improve your local SEO using other websites they work on and it is easier for you to contact them. For example if you are looking for SEO agency in Auckland New Zealand you can see that there are a lot of companies such as Pureseo or Fireflydigital but remember that the the most famous ones are not always the best, considering there are other agencies such as V Digital Marketing who provide you with more competitive prices and packages than the other big names.

Why shouldn’t we work with big names?

There is nothing wrong with working with well-known famous companies such as PureSEO or VdigitalMarketing. Some of the famous SEO companies charge more than others when some of them kept the prices competitive and therefore affordable for small businesses, if you have the resources needed for working with such agencies you can work with them but if you don’t you can still look for a famous SEO agency within your local area and find the one that you find creative and professional.

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Look online and ask others

You may know someone who has an online business, you can ask them for their SEO agency or you can browse the web to find yourself a talented agency who has the same taste and voice as you do. There are a lot of web listings containing SEO agencies.

Review their work

Ask for their previous works and check to see if they are trustworthy. Look for the websites they worked on using relevant keywords and see if they actually managed to achieve a good position on search engines for their clients.

Contact previous clients

Previous clients can provide you with valuable information, such as how the agency handled problems and issues and if they helped them increase their sales. Most of the time companies will be happy to help you when you ask for their experience with other agencies.

Look for SEO agencies working within your niche

There are some SEO agencies specialized in working on ecommerce websites or pharmaceuticals, there are SEO agencies who work on local SEO of your dress shop; there are even SEO agencies who work on SEO for hotels, etc.

Find the best company that suits your needs. Working with an agency who has prior experience within your niche helps you decrease the time required for your website to see the results.

For example if you are a company who provides plumbing services, look for a SEO agency who has prior experience with other plumbing agencies. This can help you avoid spending more specially when a lot of agencies work on a per-hour fee.


Look for a agency that fits you, if you just started working and you don’t have a lot of resources, look for a agency that fits small businesses and if you have a running business with a lot of resources it also helps to look for companies who have kept their prices competitive and affordable because they can provide you with a lot of profit in the long term.

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