What Are The Different Kinds Of Community And Member Benefits At iKeva

Imagine a colourful workspace draped with huge windows, coffee on tap, and a diverse network of work professionals plugged in, hard at work in hot desks, lounges, and coffee bars. This is a modern-day’s new office look that is best captured in a coworking space. 

The demand for coworking spaces is on a significant rise in the urban cities of India. Coworking space is a thriving ecosystem involving freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote enterprise teams, established companies, budding startups in brainstorming areas, and a variety of creatives and gig economy workers.

Let us look into the diverse community and member benefits at iKeva. 

Networking and Community Events

The ability to meet and connect with people from different fields of work is one of the most useful benefits of a coworking space. Coworking spaces allow you to be involved in a collaborative environment and will help to interact with the most skillful and diplomatic people , some of whom have vast skills and talents. 

iKeva hosts monthly networking events for all its community members. These events are a great way to find new ideas or investors for your project. while the programming of educational workshops, catered lunches, yoga classes, and networking conferences help you to turn those introductions into lasting relationships—and possibly new business. 

Private and Shared Workspaces

iKeva gives you the benefit of a private and shared workspace. You no longer have to invest in a huge office space with a big conference room, where you’d be using the conference room just for a day or two in a month. Whenever you need a room for a brainstorming session with your team or presenting a new idea to a potential business client, you can pre-book our conference room and use it as your own private office space. 

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Increased Connections and Productivity

Coworking space in Bangalore surrounds you with a network of professionals and helps reduce the isolation associated with working from home or a remote location. A friendly conversation with the barista, the office help, or the neighbor at the coworking space in Bangalore can help brighten up your mood and increase your productivity. These interactions bind coworking communities together, and everyone—from the person greeting you as you arrive, to the person sitting at the hot desk next to you—adds to this sense of belonging. 

Cost Saving and Flexibility.

Whether you’re a freelancer, or an established team seeking a dedicated desk or private office, coworking solutions allow you to pay for only the space you need. With flexible agreements, you have no pressure or rigidity of long-term traditional leases—and this flexibility is essential to growing companies. 

iKeva gives you that flexibility to grow fast without having to worry that you’re overpaying for space you don’t need. Coworking spaces offer amenities like front-desk and cleaning staff, printing services, internet connectivity, and kitchen and bathroom amenities eliminating the overhead costs typically associated with opening an office space of your own. 

Remote Access

With coworking spaces increasing around the cities of the world, the ability to plug in at any time, in any location, is a major draw for coworking professionals. If you’re a working professional who travels a lot, working while traveling is now instantly more achievable when you know there’s accessible WiFi, a comfortable place to work, and office essentials like printing and coffee at any of our iKeva coworking spaces in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. You can also choose to hire the best talent, regardless of location, without relocation costs or the fear of remote employees feeling disconnected.

Whether you’re a creative looking for collaborators, an entrepreneur looking for investors, or an established team looking for new clients, coworking spaces can be incubators for fresh opportunities. These shared offices help you increase productivity and foster new connections giving you the flexibility to work when you want, where you want, and scale operations as you see fit. 

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