This robot vacuum cleaner model will change the cleaning game for you!

How many times has the heavy, entangled chords of your traditional vacuum cleaner restricted you from properly reaching each and every corner and effectively performing your cleaning routine? 

Traditional vacuum cleaners can be infuriating to deal with – they come with a lot of heavy chords and the device by itself is very bulky and inconvenient. 

Well, what if we told you we’ll change the standards of cleaning in your house? Hear us out.

In this digital era where everything is at your convenience, ILIFE tries to evolutionize the entire constitution of robot vacuum cleaners India with their range of robotic vacuum cleaning products that will pick up the smallest of debris and is absolutely easy to maintain. 

The ILIFE G80 is one such model that was made to make cleaning effortless and fun!

What’s the G80?

The G80 is a home cleaning robot curated to uplift your cleaning performance and help you maintain a tidy and germ-free home. It is a cordless stick vacuum cleaner that has a powerful suction and smart technology, versatile in use. 

Some of its features and accessories are really unique and facilitate an extremely smooth cleaning process. 

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– Nidec Brushless Motor

Driven by the durable Nidec brushless motor, the G80 provides upto 22kpa suction power to quietly pick up dust and debris all around the house. 

– Unique Side Brush

One of the most significant and advantageous features of the G80 is the spinning side brush that cleans corners and edges very effectively. It gathers dust and debris from all corners and manually unreachable spots, maximizing cleaning coverage and efficiently optimizing robust cleaning. 

– Modes of cleaning

  1. Suitable for all kinds of floors: The G80 is a device that is designed, keeping in mind its versatility on kinds of flooring – be it a wooden tiling or carpet. To ensure maximum efficiency, the device can even clean the corners of your curtain and other unreachable spots.
  2. Deeply cleans low carpets: Another setting in the G80 modes of cleaning is its ability to clean carpet flooring to a sparkle. Usually, carpets absorb a lot of liquids and the dust accumulated is comparatively high. This means that it needs more vigorous cleaning and maintenance. 
  3. Cleans hard to reach areas: Areas like the top part of curtains, in between sofa cushions, etc., are places that we can’t reach and vacuum with a regular and traditional vacuum cleaner. This is when the G80 comes handy, picking up dirt and eliminating germs from each and every corner of the house. 

– 4 stage Filtration with Cyclone system technology

The advanced filtration system isolates and captures different size particles of dust and debris in each stage, improving the filtration efficiency and expelling fresh air. The four step filtration process is as follows:

  1. Sponge Filtration 
  2. Cyclone Filtration 
  3. Primary Filtration 
  4. Dustbin 

– 2500mAh Battery

The 2500mAh battery provides 45 mins runtime. The device is powered by a high capacity battery and allows the G80 to work upto 45 min in normal mode, so it is available to clean the house at any time of the day. 

– Real time device status

The G80 will promptly stop and alert you on the LED display if the brush is entangled or the airflow is clogged. The battery status and working modes are also clear at a glance. You’ll never have to worry about your device not working, because it will let you know once things are going wrong!

–  Swivel Motorized Floor Head

This is one of the coolest and most unique features of the G80 model. The floor head is flexible to smoothly clean around corners and reach under furniture. The built-in LED lights ensure even dark areas get a thorough cleaning

– Adjustable Suction Power

The superior brushless motor provides the G80 with 10Kpa in normal mode for up to 45 min runtime or 22Kpa (Max Mode) for when you need a deeper clean. 

– Convenient one-touch disposal

Simply press the release button to empty the dustbin without touching the dust and trash. 

– Washable Filter

The washable filter is eco friendly and easy to maintain to keep the peak performance of the device.

–  Two ways to store

The G80 features a storage base to place the main body and accessories or hang on the provided wall mount. Both ways can help save space and keep your home neat and tidy. 

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