Advantages of a shoe wrap machine

Imagine stepping out of the house with clean hands and then touching your shoe to remove or wear it. It is really counter productive to touch shoes and get your hands dirty at a time when hygiene is crucial. 

That is when the magical benefits of a shoe wrap machine come into play. You’ll never have to bend down to remove your shoe at a hospital or clinic or office premises and/or touch it, because the shoe wrap machine will take care of that for you. 

But what is a shoe wrapping machine?

A manually operated shoe wrap machine/shoe polishing machine is made of an aluminum body with a loading capacity of 100 plastic covers. 

It wraps the bottom and side of your shoes with the plastic foil/cover and eliminates the task of changing or removing your shoes when entering a clean area. 

This product can be used at food factories, hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing units, bio-engineering and any type of industry. This product can also be used at homes and offices to prevent the area from any kind of dirt.

Benefits of a shoe wrapping machine:

Not a lot of people know about the amazing invention of this device.

Why you need a shoe wrapping machine is more than just about convenience and hygiene. Here are the many benefits of it:

  1. It’s definitely about hygiene: 

Hygiene has become the need of the hour and it is crucial to keep your surfaces germs-free and away from any kind of particles that might attract diseases and ailments. 

In environments like laboratories, surgicals, hospitals and other health care units and offices that use high technology and software, this is a machine that can redefine cleanliness. 

Shoe wrap machine helps keep away dust and any pollutants from outside from entering the house or vicinity and keeps the place hygienic.

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  1. Contactless and Cordless

There is absolutely no need for you to touch or operate the device to help it function. 

Everything is automatic; all you have to do is simply thrust your foot down on the pedal-like structure inside the device and the device will wrap your shoe and the sides of it with a plastic covering so that you don’t have to remove it and enter the vicinity. 

This will keep the shoe from contracting the floor and dirtying it and eventually will also keep the dust very minimal in the environment. 

  1. Saves your time and energy

The shoe wrapping machine also called a shoe cover dispenser works with very little physical effort. Struggling to remove your shoes with your hands and getting them dirty can get the entire surrounding around you dirty and unhygienic. 

This problem can be ruled out with the awesome innovation of this device! 

  1. Suitable for all shoe types

Whether you’re a businessman wearing formal shoes or working in an organization that allows you to wear sandals, whether you’re someone who loves wearing kitten heels and high heels to work or you’re a tomboy who walks around with sneakers, the device will work the same on each and every shoe type. 

With a manual shoe wrap machine you’ll have to follow a manual process. This product has a large opening that makes it easy for any shoe size to slide in the box. 

The shoe is then covered with the shoe covers without using your hands.This automated process wraps the sides and bottom of the shoe with plastic wrap. 

This is an efficient and convenient process to help users wear shoe cover when entering a dirt-free area.

  1. Increases the durability of your footwear

It should come as no surprise when we tell you that the plastic covering the shoe wrap machine provides you with a longer durability for your footwear. It prevents it from attracting dust and keeps it safe from water and other possible factors. 

  1. It is eco friendly and reusable 

Shoe wrap machine is made of an aluminium body and is a completely eco friendly product. Shoe wrap machines require easy handling and operate on a real low cost. It can be easily loaded with 100 plastic shoe covers at a time. This machine is highly reliable and can be used for a long time because of its high-quality material.

Shoe wrap machine makes it easier for a user to walk into a clean environment without the hassle of removing your shoes or changing to a clean pair of shoes

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