Top 5 Ways to Share Dash Cam Footage

Whether you have witnessed a beautiful snowfall on your way home or someone has just hit your car all of a sudden and took off, your dash cam has definitely recorded everything. The footage from dash cam will give you a well-preserved recording to either keep it for personal use or show it as an evidence to report the culprit as the good quality video footages are admissible in the court.   

Can you share your dashcam footage?

You can, surely, transfer your dash cam footage using a lot of different methods that suit your need the best. The video recordings of dash cams are quite lengthy so can not be shared straight via email because emails have a particular attached file size limitation. 

There are some other ways in which you can easily share the footage which are discussed below. Most of these methods depend on the party that you are sending or their anticipated usage as well as model of dash cam that you own or planning to purchase. 

Micro SD Card Adapter (to share the files into PC/Laptop)

Most dash cams come with a memory card unique enough to not to be used to connect to a laptop or PC directly. You can use Micro SD Card Adapter to connect your dash cam’s memory card to your laptop. Once you’re done, you can access the folder where all the videos are stored. The dash cams are, most of the times, configured to save the files with video footages separately for a specific time span (say, 2 to 3 minute videos). 

A plus point would be if your dash cam is set to store the recordings with respect to date and time mentioned in the file name. If that is not the case, you might have to skim through the files and separate the ones which contain your required footage.  

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Cloud Sharing

If you want to transfer the recording with a certain part, let’s say, with your insurance company, the police department or even with a friend in a lighter situation, the quickest way will be to share it online via any cloud storage server. As discussed earlier, sending the files in email can be troublesome due to size issues. However, you can still share the video via email. Alrernative to sharing the particular video file, you can share the relevant Google Drive, OneDrive, or DropBox downloadable link in the email. Don’t forget to trim your video to the part that is relevant before you send in order to avoid the confusion at their side.  

If the video is too large in size, it might take a little while to finish the uploading process. This process also requires a good internet connection speed. 

Dash Cam App  

A large number of dash cam companies launch respective apps for iOS and Android which make it easy for the user to operate the dash cam from phone. There are a number features that might be present in the app like downloading a video or a certain art of video. You can also later on trim the video once you’ve got it downloaded in your phone. Additionally, dashcams also come with a WiFi connection. This speeds up the sharing process.   

You definitely would want to invest in dash cams which come with their personalized apps and a wide virety of functionalities. They make the whole sharing and storing the required apps process ten time easier. 

Send via Mail

In some cases, the companies, court or the police may not accept the footage if shared online, or from any other informal channel. What you do in this scenario is that, you have to purchase a blank CD or DVD, based on the size of the video recording and burn the footage on that. The CD can store 680MBs, whereas, a DVD storage ranges from 4.7GBs to 17GB. This is a lengthy process amongst all the others. The burned CD/DVD can later on be sent to the official address of the concerned party via post.   

Upload to the official website

If by chance you are involved in any car accident or your dash cam captured some mishap that happend somewhere in the surroundings, you must be asked by the police or the concerned department to share the recording in order to look for any evidence of the footage. What do you do in that scenario? 

Some of the Dash cam companies have developed the websites where you can upload the footage of such unfortunate events for the relevant police department to lead them with their investigation. 

Mostly such portals have a region-wise segmentation to enable you to share the video to the nearest police department with step-by-step guide to upload the recording. Make sure you are using the correct platform/website to send the footage in order to avoid the exploitation of the evidence. 


Dash cams are very convenient when you need to provide some evidence correlated to any car crash, illegal activity, or some other sort of fatal injury happened in the surrounding or, in the worst-case senario, happend with you. The video footage by the dash cam is admissible in court and you can use it to resolve a crime however the painful part is to transfer it to your devise or share it with the authorized parties. In this article we have covered a number of methods that can be used to easily share the footage and lead the investigations. 

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