Why Port Saint Lucie is a Great Spot for Golf Lovers

Golf is a sport with a large and varied fanbase.  The immense amount of precision and skill it takes to be skilled at this sport is enough to leave people obsessing over getting better and better throughout their life.

So why live with this passion alone?

Port Saint Lucie is making a name for itself in golf circles, and if you’re not sure why: here’s everything you need to know. 

Fantastic Terrain

Golf requires sloping terrain with light traps like sand and water to keep things interesting.  There’s no better place for this than the eastern half of Florida.  Not only does this area have fantastic low-sloping land, but the grass gets to be incredibly green year-round, and the water traps are never too much to handle.

Although Port Saint Lucie is a coastal town, this just makes importing sand for the courses all the easier!

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Perfect Weather

Although a true golf athlete would be excited to play in any weather, the best weather to ensure that your game isn’t thrown off is mild and warm.  Port Saint Lucie rarely drops into low temperatures in the winter, and in the summer, you can enjoy all of the sunny and easygoing weather that you want.  Of course, in the late summer, when hurricane season starts up, it can get worrisome, but since Port Saint Lucie is on the eastern shore, it’s less likely to be hit by these storms.

Affordable Living

Florida is one of the most expensive states in the country, but thankfully Port Saint Lucie has been shielded from a lot of that by its large retirement communities.  Port Saint Lucie houses for rent are generally more affordable than those in Miami or Jacksonville and offer a chance to enjoy a short drive to whatever course or club you’re heading to that day!

Endless Golf Clubs

There’s no end to the number of golf clubs and fantastic courses you’ll find in Port Saint Lucie!  Not only are there many different areas to choose from, but you could tour a different one each day and be set on entertainment for weeks.  If you’re worried about getting bored of golfing on the same courses, it’s not possible in Port Saint Lucie!

Awesome Community

Although you can play golf alone and practice getting your numbers as low as possible, this is a sport that’s much more fun when you play with others or against others.  Thankfully, Port Saint Lucie has a large and active community of golfers that will allow you to get to know and enjoy the sport better.  You’ll never run out of ways to connect with other golf fans in Port Saint Lucie through the many clubs and fantastic parks.

There’s No Place for Golfers Like Port Saint Lucie

Whether you love golfing or are more into watching others play the sport, there’s nothing quite as thrilling as a city that understands your passion for golf!  Consider moving to Saint Lucie and enjoying this passion in a community that gets you!

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