How to Book More Gigs as a Comedian in 2022 

In this time of turmoil, comedians like Punkie Johnson and Nathan Hurd are necessary to help us relieve stress and find laughter in the everyday. It’s a great time to be in comedy, but if you’re just starting out it can be hard to find your footing.

Finding success as a comedian hinges on getting in front of people and getting experience. Getting gigs is not always as easy as walking into the local comedy club and asking for a set.

Here are some ways to book more gigs.

Be clear about who you are.

Whether it’s on your website, Instagram page, or while you’re talking to people face-to-face, know who you are and what type of comedy you do and express that clearly.

People will connect with you and be more likely to remember you when looking for talent for their next event. 

Have a social presence.

As with so many things in society today, having a presence on social media matters. This also goes for having a website.

Being seen on the web is part of your brand so others can easily find who you are and how to book you if they feel you’d be a good fit for their event.

Use your page to post short videos of bits that express what type of comedy you do or post pictures that give a look at your everyday life.

Forging a connection with people through social media is a good way to draw them in before they even get the chance to see you on stage.

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Use social to search.

You can also use social media from the other end of the spectrum: look up producers, agents, or comedy shows and tours to see where you might be a good fit.

Reach out to people that way and introduce yourself.

Hit an open mic night.

Many venues hold open mic nights to give walk-ins a chance to showcase their talent to a crowd without going through the complicated booking process.

Take advantage of these nights, as you never know who may be watching. An agent or someone looking to book talent for a gig may be sitting at a table in front of the stage.

Go to local shows.

Check out local comedians and venues so you can connect with other fans of comedy. You might strike up a conversation with the venue owner that leads to a future booking or come across a group of friends who love comedic nights out and need entertainment for a birthday party coming up.

You can also connect with fellow comedians, who should not always be looked at as competition. They may know someone looking to hire talent or have suggestions about different events and venues in your area.

Invite important people once you are booked.

When you finally do book a gig, invite important people like agents or show producers you’ve had your eye on and make them your special guest for the night.

Nothing beats first-hand experience as a way to show what you can do so folks can keep you in mind for future bookings.

Don’t be afraid to invite friends and family for the night as well to help bolster the crowd in your favor.

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