Why using a business VPN?

If you want to ensure an optimal protection for your data, using a business VPN service becomes very useful. VPN service stands for Virtual Private Network. If a connection needs to be made to a network outside your working place, a business VPN service guarantees this to be possible with the company’s secure network. This allows an employee who is at a different location to still gain access to printers, apps and data from the company, without jeopardizing the security of the data.

The main advantages of business VPN services

Business VPN services offer important advantages. For example, a VPN ensures that it is possible to shield your location, so that you benefit from anonymity. You can log into your business mailbox and business software without any risks, but also, for example, into an internet banking system. The internet connection is fully encrypted by a VPN and all internet traffic is diverted through a server that does not store data. This means that you can work safely with a public Wi-Fi anytime and anywhere.

Business VPN services are becoming increasingly important

For a long time there has been the case that companies need their employees to log into the company’s network securely from a remote location. This need is nowadays increasing significantly. Since the beginning of the corona crisis at the end of February 2020, many people have been working from home. However, a home network (Wi-Fi) is not encrypted by default and therefore is not optimally secured. The corona crisis has allowed employees to “taste” the benefits of working at home, such as having more savings due to the loss of travel time, and also more flexibility and time. Consequently, more than half of the employees would like to continue working at home as much as possible. Then it is of course very important that data is well protected and that logging into the company’s network is optimally secured. Therefore, a business VPN service becomes actually indispensable.

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How do you choose the best VPN service?

When you choose a business VPN service, it is important to look carefully for your own needs. In addition, it is advisable to read the experiences of others with a certain VPN service and also to use a trial period. Most VPN providers offer the option to test first the service. The encryption requires a lot of computing power, which could be at the cost of the fast-loading time. This certainly applies when using somewhat older devices. With this in mind, it is then advisable to start a trial period before making a final choice for a business VPN service.

Several options for business VPN’s

If you want to use a business VPN, you have more than enough choices. There are well-known and less well-known companies that guarantee optimum quality and safety. It can be tempting to opt for a free VPN service. However, we strongly advise not to choose it. These services often contain malware and, in many cases, they collect personal data. We especially recommend that you choose your business VPN on the basis of quality instead of price.

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